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5 Things To Know When Transitioning To A Clean Beauty Routine - Glam

Because the FDA does not regulate our beauty products, as they do with food and drugs, it's up to us to know what we're slathering on our skin, especially considering the average woman wears 515 chemicals a day. Here, five things to know when transitioning to a clean beauty routine.

Empower Yoga Health Benefits

The Benefits of Practicing Empower Yoga with Infrared Heat For centuries, people in India practiced yoga in temperatures ranging from 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Amplifying detoxification,...

How My Career Helped Me Get Over An Eating Disorder - Glam

Three years ago was the last time I made myself throw up. After years of picking terrible relationships, running my body into the ground, and drinking profusely, the time to join the workforce arrived. Here's how my career helped me get over an eating disorder.

The Financial Diet
The 2 Phrases That Wreck Your Productivity, Credibility & Mental Health

"Just do it" was the slogan that made Nike a household name. While at the time it was just a simple saying plastered all over t-shirts and promotional materials, I now understand it in a completely different light. These words held true for so many people and resonated all over the globe for a reason: ...

Are Adaptogens The Secret To Soothing PMS Symptoms? - Glam

The queen of adaptogens, shatavari has been used for centuries in eastern medicine practices, including Ayurveda, to treat women's health. According to holistic nutritionist, Erika Elizabeth, it can help with menstrual cramps, infertility, irregular cycles, pre- and post-natal health, loss of libido, and various hormonal imbalances.

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5 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Work Out After Spending All Day Behind A Desk

Finding time to do everything you want to do is hard. The internet is littered with memes about how trying to maintain a social life, a job, and an exercise routine is equivalent to facing a tsunami head-on. In a career-obsessed world, it can be easy to work so hard from 9-5 that by the ...

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The Disconnect Between Social Media And The Body Positivity Movement - Glam

The detrimental side of the body positivity movement is twofold; what started as a way for people to feel good about themselves morphed into a materialized version of its original purpose. In addition to toxic comparison, constant saturation of quotes and images about the body create a life centered around its appearance.

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How To Take Constructive Criticism And Compliments At Work - Glam

No successful person enjoys an entire career without negative feedback. The opposite rings true, too: In an effort to show humility, many women softly smile and look down when someone compliments their work. Here's advice on how to take constructive criticism or a compliment and turn it into a productive conversation.