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Nina Livelo

Freelance Content Writer & Copy Editor

Location icon France

I’m a Bordeaux-based native English speaker from San Francisco, California, with a passion and knack for language and creation.

I am a true digital native with an extensive understanding of the digital environment. I know what makes content viral and how to craft a catchy title and engaging content. As an editorial content creator, I have written on a number of topics including academia, the music industry, comedic journalism, wellness, fashion, spirituality, and internet culture. I am culturally curious and enjoy taking on new subject matter as an opportunity to learn.

As a copy editor, I will use my eye for perfection and expertise of the English language to polish your text into a publishable work of art. After completing a degree in English literature, I taught English abroad in Japan and France. My experience as an editor is just as varied as my experience in content creation. I have edited websites, online quizzes, an e-book, and journalistic articles.

I’m also proficient in French and enjoy translating from French to English. Many of my translations have been published online for a prominent French media company.

So whether you’re looking for a content creator, a copy editor, or a translator, I guarantee high-quality, efficient work you can trust. I can’t wait to get started on your project!

The Terracotta Trend 4 Ways: Warm Earthen Tones For Your Interior

Over the past couple of years, terracotta has made a resurgence as a design trend and we are fully here for it. Now, before you get all worked up remembering how hard we tried to collectively move past the dreary terracotta tones that dominated the 80s, you should know that we're not talking about that frumpy orange-tinged brown, which, let's call a spade a spade, was unsettlingly fecal in color.

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Stress Insomnia and How to Get Over It - Top 5 Mattresses

Nina Livelo | | Over the last decade, we've seen great developments in society, from shifts in ways of thinking to rapid technological innovation. Unfortunately, many of these developments have introduced new stressors into our lives. In fact, nearly 80% of Americans (according to a recent Gallup poll) now claim to experience stress on a daily basis, an all-time high.

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It's 6 am, your alarm goes off. You hit snooze. The same happens at 6:09. Then again at 6:18. Suddenly, it's 6:30 and you're a half hour behind schedule before the day's even begun. Mornings like these, when it seems impossible to get out of bed, can ruin your entire day.

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