Niamh McNamara

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I'm an experienced media and communications professional who is passionate about writing. Here is a collection of some of my content development including websites, press releases, white papers, features, newsletters, and corporate brochures.
I also produce compelling marketing collateral, content for social media platforms, and advertising copy.

Sublime Homecare
Blog - soft news

You've given birth to a beautiful, healthy baby. You and your partner have never felt so happy and blessed. Friends and family are telling you how lucky you are... And you know they're right! Yet, something that isn't often spoken about is the adjustment period all new parents face.


UAS International Trip Support
UAS International Trip Support |

UAS is the leading provider of international trip support services offering clients end-to-end flight support solutions including flight planning, weather, ground handling, fuel uplifts, landing and permits and more.

BENCHMARK Middle East - Changing Lives.

at BENCHMARK Middle East, we are working everyday to pioneer ways to bring new age healthcare and pharmaceutical communication to the world. Paving the way to a healthier future, we create disruptive initiatives for you and your organisation.

flight evolution™

Are you aware of ways to potentially save time, fuel, and money on your next mission? Exploring different methods of flight plan optimization and ways to streamline missions can deliver these savings. This is the subject of our technical whitepaper 'The Basics of Flight Plan Optimization'.

UAS Blog
Executive Insight - UAS Blog

UAS Executive Management shares its knowledge and insight into entrepreneurialism and leadership, as well as tips on how to excel within the aviation industry and business in general.
Flight for Wildlife

The Flight for Wildlife is an aviation world record attempt taking place in 2016. Pilot Faisal Sultan is aiming to set a new record circumnavigating the globe in a single-engine aircraft, making the 41,400-kilometer journey in under 27 days. Faisal's wish is to highlight the importance of international wildlife conservation and raise awareness of anti-poaching efforts.


The app is a parallel to the struggle that diabetics face in their day-to-day life. A simulation of how difficult it is to keep going on, even when things get tough.

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How to Succeed as a Female Entrepreneur

Five s uccessful female entrepreneurs share some sage advice on overcoming failure and finding success " Whatever you do, be different - that was the advice my mother gave me, and I can't think of better advice for an entrepreneur. If you're different, you will stand out."

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