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I'm a journalism student studying online and magazine writing, hoping to obtain an internship position in editing or strategic communications/marketing. In the long-term I hope to work in environmental reporting or sustainable development.

The Daily Free Press
October 21, 2016
FreeP vs. Food: Crêpes

For this installment of FreeP vs. Food, we ventured out on a “Crêpe Crawl,” sampling the French pastry dish from different cafés near Boston University. We sampled a savory and a sweet crêpe from each café (with one exception), and judged each restaurant based on the presentation and overall taste of the dishes, as well as the atmosphere, price and relative location of each café. (thumbnail photo by Olivia Falcigno.)

Out of the Box

Character stereotyping perpetrates a presentation of characters that represent entire groups of the population as flat and one-dimensional. Putting minority and LGBT characters into boxes reduces the characters—and, by extension, their communities—to a set of archetypes.

Daily Free Press
Feb. 6, 2017
REVIEW: MUNA emphasizes self-celebration in "About U"

Los Angeles-based "dark girl pop" trio MUNA encourages self-love and self-celebration through their music. MUNA projects their experiences as queer women as a message to listeners that they are not alone, that their love is valid and that they will always be capable of finding love and a place to express themselves.

The BU Buzz
Decoding Empowerment

What is empowering to one person is not the same as what is possibly empowering to their best friend, or their grandmother, or their ex-boyfriend’s eighth-grade soccer coach.

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