Michael Colon

Content Writer

United States

My name is Michael Colon born and raised in New York City, and my mission is to impact the lives of many using my craft in a productive, positive, and thoughtful manner. My writing style can best be described as poetic, thought-provoking, and bold. I love writing blogs, articles, opinion essays, and stories.

I love working hard and my faith is very important to me. Creative writing, whether fiction or non-fiction, is such a beautiful way of self-expression and I am so blessed to use it as a tool to help others. I can't wait to be a part of more projects that not just inform but sparks the imagination.

Habitat for Wellness
A Dreamers Will

What does it mean to be a dreamer and how can we better ourselves? Many people feel like they don't have a purpose in life, but we are all capable of success when we work on ourselves.

Creative Writing: An Everlasting Muse - LIFE AS A HUMAN

Creative writing is a form of communication that allows us to share our thoughts without saying a word. Thoughts are no longer invisible to the naked eye but clear as day in the hearts of many. Writing is a language that breaks barriers within ourselves, shattering the mold of external factors that shaped us from birth.

Faith On Every Corner - December 2022

Faith On Every Corner is a free digital magazine published monthly. In each issue, you will find stories, articles, photography, and testimony that are inspiring and educational. We also show how everyday people are making a difference in their communities through acts of faith and service.

Calla Press
A Willful Gift by Michael Colon

The wonderful thing about a gift is that we don't know what it is before opening it. Is a gift truly a gift if we know what's under the wrapping? It's debatable. We typically don't like too many unknowns in our daily lives.

Searching for God: The Grand Artist and Creation by Michael Colon | Joy to the World Issue 14 |...

Art is a method of expression that involves imagination, personal experiences, and creative technical skills. Artistic expression takes on many forms, such as paintings, sculptures, music, film, literature, and other sensory-based stimulants that trigger human emotions and thought processes. Art is not just in museums; it is all around us, hung up and plastered onto...

The Beautiful Nature of Time - Undercurrent

The clock's ticking sound plays the melody we all dance to in this life. Every decision we make is in harmony with the rhythm of the song we are meant to enjoy. We are all dancing and singing along until the lights go out, then it is someone else's turn to step in tune with the recording life has ready for them.

About Happy Life
3 Powerful Tips to Think Clearly - About Happy Life

Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A. In life, there will be times when we will have to make critical decisions, and in these moments it is of critical importance to think clearly. Since life is a matter of our choices, avoiding the hard choices is inevitable.

Virtues For Life
Wearing a Hero's Cape: Striving to Be Your Best Self - Virtues For Life

By Michael Colon The path a hero walks leaves a trail of light for others to follow. But it may be overwhelming to those who are not prepared for the journey. The reason for that would be what the light consists of- truth, courage, hope, love, and an open mind beyond our comprehension.

Virtues For Life
4 Ways to Fight the Good Fight - Virtues For Life

By Michael Colon As I sit on the train in New York City while it rattles through the seemingly endless underground highway of tunnels during the morning rush, I realize how privileged I am to fight the good fight. Fighting the good fight means trying our hardest to be better versions of ourselves every day to handle life's battles.