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Luna Williams

Political Correspondent for the Immigration Advice Service & theatre, art and culture reviewer

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Writer with a specialism in British politics and culture

One Night in Miami

Luna Williams reviews One Night in Miami, recently on at the Home Theatre, Manchester The first time I read the synopsis for Kemp Powers' One Night in Miami, I was stunned.

The New European
Brexit is exacerbating racial inequalities and discrimination in the UK

PA Archive/PA Images The Tory government's hostile policies are hitting the Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities hard. As LUNA WILLIAMS explains, Brexit is exacerbating the issue. Campaigners at an event organised by Stand up to Racism in solidarity with the Windrush generation and their families. Photograph: Yui Mok/PA.

Freedom News
Brexit and Migrant Women: What Does the Future Hold?

With Brexit still a very much undecided concept, and a second referendum, no-deal and Theresa May's withdrawal agreement still very much on the table, it remains an uncertain time for many communities in the UK. Several mainstream media outlets have commented on the impact new immigration proposals will have upon various factions of Britain - from certain marginalised communities to British business and industry.

The New European
The NHS' ethics: and why they are being compromised by hostile policies

Luna Williams, IAS, writes about the hardships faced by those attempting to claim asylum in the UK. In 1948, the NHS was founded as an ethical body; a public health service which doesn't discriminate and offers support for any person no matter what their wealth, class or background.

Feminist Current
The UK needs to ensure its immigration laws don't harm trafficked women

In 2018, 1,981 women and girls were recorded as victims of human trafficking in the UK. Of these individuals, 1,263 were victims of sexual exploitation - 880 women and 383 girls. Human trafficking involves the exploitation of people, against their will, generally for financial gain.

10 Questions You Can Expect to Hear in Your U.K. Entrepreneur Visa Interview

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The U.K. has long been a popular spot for new businesses, with nearly 2,000 entrepreneurs choosing it as their startup base last year. Despite this volume, the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa has one of the highest refusal rates of all U.K.

The State Of The Arts
The UK arts sector relies on migrant talent - a no-deal Brexit could spell disaster - The State...

"There are two ways of being creative," the great American writer Warren Bennis once professed. "One can sing and dance, or one can create an environment in which singers and dancers flourish." With days populated by long, repetitive and physically demanding hours of practice and rehearsal, there is arguably no other industry professional who understands...

The EU settlement scheme: issues and advice for European actors

The easy exchange of talent, experiences and ideas has always been central to the performing arts industry. Free movement has allowed this to be a possibility for centuries - even before Britain was a member of the EU. Aside from one very brief (11 year) stint, the UK has always allowed the freedom of movement for peoples to and from Europe.