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How to Travel around the World with a Medical Condition

Facing frequent health issues can sometimes make us feel like it's impossible for us to do fun things anymore. We're too afraid to try new things, and breaking our routines for any reason is a little too far out of our comfort zone.

Dirty and Thirty
5 Simple Money-Saving Tricks for Millennials

5 Simple Money-Saving Tricks for Millennials. This youthful, ambitious generation knows all about the financial pitfalls of the modern era. They are eager to kick-start their entrepreneurial dreams, but they are often slowed down by accumulated student loan debts, the unstable economy, and not to mention the rising costs of modern living paired with lower salaries.

A Vegan Runner – Is It Possible to Achieve High Performance?

The short answer is that you definitely don’t have to give up on your fitness goals when you decide to switch to a vegan diet, but there are other factors to keep in mind to stay healthy and active. Just like your average meat-eater, every vegan needs to monitor their diet, recovery, and exercise program, but from a slightly different perspective.

Neely Runs
Guest Blog: Post-Workout Recovery: Why Every Endurance Athlete Should Take Magnesium

To keep things simple and to the point, glucose is your source of fuel the body uses for energy and it's what keeps you going through the toughest of challenges. Now, given the fact that your needs to turn glycogen into glucose first, you need to understand that this process wouldn't be possible without magnesium.


Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Include in Your Kids' Diet

By Luke Douglas Inflammation is a natural process that our bodies require in order to function properly. It's perfectly normal, and necessary for our immune system to flare up when we're under attack by a virus or a bacterial infection, and inflammation is a normal immune response to vigorous workouts.

Mental Health

Mental Health Matters
How Physical Exercise Prevents Dementia | MHatters

Based on research conducted by Alzheimer's Disease International, someone develops dementia every three seconds, and the highest number of those who are diagnosed come from developing countries of the world. Although we know by now that a certain level of cognitive decline is a natural process that comes with aging, studies are starting to show a strong correlation between a variety of lifestyle habits and the occurrence of dementia.

Wake Up World
Stressed Out? Here Are 5 Practical Ways to Relax Your Mind

June 21st, 2018 By Luke Douglas Guest writer for Wake Up World Stress permeates the modern way of life. To many, it has become an inextricable part of their very existence, slowly gnawing at the soul, endangering the psyche, and destroying an otherwise healthy body.