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Laura Ziv


* Executive Editor, Beautystreams, global beauty trend forecasting agency.
* Keynote speaker/presenter on macro-trends.
* Writer and content strategist.
* Oxford University, Master of Arts.
* Contact me at [email protected]

Indie Beauty Expo New York

Report on market-ready, indie brands at Indie Beauty Expo New York's largest show to date.

CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women)
The Rise of Private Label

Why private label is growing four times as fast as national brands, and some of the brands that are leading the charge.

CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women)
Micro-Batch: Beauty's Newest Buzzword

How micro-batch scale enables brands to be more agile in response to emerging trends, with some key differences when compared to fast beauty.

CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women)
Brands to Watch in Sexual Wellness

Sexual wellness is emerging as a beauty category in its own right. Here, the segment's key drivers, and the brands that are entering the beauty mainstream.

CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women)
Rituals Embarks on U.S. Expansion

The body and lifestyle brand inspired by ancient, eastern rituals accelerates its growth in the U.S.

CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women)
Capitalizing on Micro-Influencers

Brands are looking beyond the reach of big-name influencers, and tapping micro-influencers who have a smaller, but more personal connection with their followers and often a greater ability to drive higher engagement.

CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women)
The Phenomenal Growth of Lush

How this privately-owned, billion dollar specialty bath and body retailer is sustaining staggering growth.

CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women)
All About Millennial Pink

What is it about this shade of pink that inspires so many industries and brands, and is universally beloved by millennials?

CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women)
Sampling in the Digital Age

Leading retailers and brands talk about their efforts in try-before-you-buy sampling experiences.

CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women)
Japanese Beauty Takes Center Stage

J-Beauty is resurging as a leader in skin care and makeup, rooted in innovative technology, quality manufacturing, and lush formulations.

CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women)
A Look at the Most Successful Online Brand Communities

Online brand communities are driving authentic engagement, fostering innovation, breeding brand advocates, and increasing conversion to sales and loyalty. How leading brands are reaping substantial benefits.

CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women)
Inside Deciem's NYC Store

The company that is disrupting the beauty industry with a relentlessly transparent ethos opens its first NYC retail store.

CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women)
Instagrammable Beauty

The key aesthetic trends that help boost a beauty product's social media presence.

CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women)
Travel Retail Takes Off

Travel retail is fast becoming one of the highest growth channels in beauty.