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Health and Wellness

It's A Glam Thing
5 Ways Ditching Alcohol Can Improve Your Complexion

Regular alcohol use deprives the skin of important vitamins and nutrients, which can lead to a less-than-healthy appearance over time. If you tend to overindulge in alcohol such as wine, margaritas, or hard liquor, here are seven ways that reducing your alcohol intake can approve your complexion and overall appearance.

Dumb Little Man
How to Tell Someone You're a Recovering Addict

Many recovering addicts view getting sober as a chance to start over and re-invent themselves. The process is challenging, but the benefits are worth the work. Unfortunately, telling people you're in recovery can be just as daunting. Our society isn't sure whether to treat addiction as a disease, mental illness or moral failing that can be overcome.

Pet Therapy in Addiction Recovery: A Guide for Beginners

Any high-quality drug and alcohol rehab center will use a variety of evidence-based treatment methods to treat clients who are recovering from addiction. Examples may include cognitive behavioral therapy, contingency management, 12-step facilitation therapy, and family behavior therapy, among others. But did you know pet therapy is also a commonly used treatment method for people in addiction recovery?

Psych Central
How to Recognize the Manipulation of a Drug Addict

Anyone who has a close friend or relative that has struggled with a substance use disorder knows all too well about the manipulative ways of a person who is controlled by their addiction. These behaviors cause extreme heartache and pain and they even have the power to break up families and end marriages.

7 Tips for Planning and Hosting a Successful Intervention

Drug addiction is an extremely destructive force, inflicting physical, mental, and emotional harm on everyone involved. If one of your friends or loved ones is struggling with addiction, it may be time for an intervention. An intervention is an organized process in which friends and family members of an addicted person confront them about their addiction problem.

Psych Central
Denial: The Primary Roadblock to Addiction Recovery

Getting a loved one to go to drug and alcohol rehab isn't always easy. Some people may not be ready to admit that they have a problem, let alone spend 30 to 90 days in a rehab center.

The Mighty
3 Huge Benefits of Self-Monitoring in Addiction Recovery

Self-monitoring is an intervention that is commonly used alongside other cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. This practice of observing, regulating and recording provides a wealth of benefits for those who are seeking to modify negative behaviors and achieve continued personal growth. What Is Self-Monitoring?

Discovering Beautiful
Guest: Kelsey Brown-Writer for Nova Recovery Center

Life has a funny way of dragging you along and taking you to places you never thought you'd go. Although I've always loved writing about anything and everything, writing articles for people seeking addiction help is one thing I never thought I'd be doing. Yet, here I am, doing just that.

Elephant Journal
7 Reasons to Enforce Healthy Boundaries in Addiction Recovery

In addiction recovery, you are not only learning how to live a life without drugs and alcohol, but you're also learning how to establish healthy relationships and social connections that are in line with your recovery goals.

Sober Alley
90-Day Alcohol Rehab: Seriously?

Three months. Ninety days. Twelve weeks. 2,160 hours. 129,600 minutes. Let’s face it—90 days is a long time. There are thousands of different things you could accomplish in 90 days, but is a total life transformation one of them? And is a 90-day alcohol rehab program really necessary to overcome your drinking problem?

Psych Central
How EMDR Therapy Heals Trauma and Addiction

Life experiences, either negative or positive, have a significant impact on our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. Adverse life experiences such as abuse, neglect, violence, or emotional distress may have serious consequences later in life, such as mental illness or addiction.

Psych Central
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Many drug and alcohol rehab centers use a variety of evidence-based therapies to treat individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Most often these include therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, family behavioral therapy, contingency management, and 12-step facilitation therapy. Another beneficial yet lesser known therapeutic practice for treating addiction in a drug rehab setting is mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT).

Is Verbal Abuse Contributing to Your Drug Addiction?

Verbal abuse and addiction often go hand-in-hand, but how do we explain the connection and what can be done to prevent it? Here is a brief explanation of what verbal abuse is, how to recognize it, it's relationship to addiction, and what you should do to get help.


The Strategy of Scheduling

As office manager at Winder And Company, Inc., Amanda Lewis knows scheduling flexibility is just part of the job within the business-to-business industry. The fleet-washing company serves southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas, including clients such as Walmart and O'Reilly Auto Parts, and has to be available whenever its clients need work done-even if that's after regular business hours.

Metro Appliances & More

The 40,000-square-foot showroom at Metro Appliances & More is stocked with a diverse selection of appliances in all styles and brands, so builders and homeowners are sure to find something that fits their projects and their budgets.

Swept Away

Maggie McGriff knew Joseph Beachner was the one the minute she met him.

Southern Charm

The Roberts family loves their home in Southern Hills, a neighborhood filled with unbeatable beauty and charm.

5908 Interiors

Patti Johnson recently opened 5908 Interiors, a new home décor shop that offers a tasteful variety of high-quality furniture and home décor accessories.

Wallpaper's Great Return

In homes around 417-land and all over the country, the recent resurgence of wallpaper has brought it to life in a whole new way.

5 Best Trail Rides

Everybody has a little cowboy in them, right? Grab your spurs, and take the kids for a horseback riding day trip to one of our favorite nearby spots for trail riding.

Keep it Clean

Ready to reclaim your weekends and never spend an entire Saturday cleaning house again? Two local cleaning experts share tips on keeping up with housework.

Hunting for trees

Start a new family tradition this holiday season, and visit these four tree farms scattered around the Ozarks to find your family's perfect Christmas tree. Hot cider and many lasting memories await, so load up the car, and hit the road.

Nature's Show

Bob and Linda Edmonds can't get enough of their view of the sparkling river and autumn-colored leaves from their home in Branson's Point Royale.


A New Set Design for The Nutcracker

What began four decades ago as a small touring ballet company has since grown to become Springfield Ballet -a vibrant non-profit arts community fostering the training of young dancers, premier performance and local outreach.

Recycle in 417-Land

Meet a Springfield woman who brought recycling services to her Springfield neighborhood, and learn about Springfield spots where you can drop off your own recycling.

Cox Medical Center Branson

The new emergency department at Cox Medical Center Branson features tons of state-of-the-art bells and whistles for its patients, including pretty Ozarks views through the windows.

The Standard
Parisian pâtisserie perfected

The French word "pâtisserie" is defined as "a type of French bakery that specializes in pastries and sweets." If pastries and sweets are your cup of tea, you are in luck, because there is one such place much closer than France.

Christian County Headliner News
Hot Soup, Cold Nights

You work long hours but just don't make enough to support your family. You've been evicted from your home, you're unsure how you're going to feed the kids tonight and the suffocating stress of navigating day-to-day life has become almost too much to handle. What do you do now?

The Standard
Holocaust survivor inspires thousands

Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor shared her story about the power of forgiveness at Missouri State University on Tuesday, Feb. 26, in McDonald Arena. Kor's gripping real-life story of her experience in an Auschwitz Concentration Camp attracted thousands of students and community members, causing the event to be moved from its original location in Carrington Hall Auditorium to McDonald Arena to accommodate the overflow crowd.

The Standard
Scotch & Soda brings big city to Springfield

Springfield residents in search of a new, local venue to relax and have a few drinks with friends can expect to see a new bar opening downtown, at the former location of The Front Porch.

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