Katie barton

Katie Barton

Media Coordinator, Northeastern State University

Location icon United States

Finding strong and meaningful stories is my superpower.

I've turned a routine phone meeting into an impromptu interview with a professor who has found a way to educate doctors in rural Africa from his office in Oklahoma.

I've gone into an interview about a local business and left with notes about a single mom who is thriving while recovering from a meth addiction.

I have eight years of communications experience that includes public relations, journalism, and marketing. Let's chat about how I can tell your story.

Imprints - alumni magazine
Okie Nomads

(FEATURE) - Zach and Rachael Elseman were on track to achieve the American dream: they had college degrees, steady jobs and a nice house on a quiet street. Then one day they quit their jobs, rented out their house and moved into a bus.

Imprints - alumni magazine
Bridging Continents

(FEATURE) - Instead of new international students moving to Oklahoma, faculty members involved in this innovative program are the ones packing their bags and leaving the comforts of home—at least in the beginning.

Imprints - alumni magazine
Coming Home

(FEATURE) - NSU's new head football coach already has deep ties to the university. He's an alumnus who played on the 1994 national championship team, and he's the son of the winningest head football coach in the school's history.

Development Annual Report
Making Sense of Cents

(FEATURE) - This scholarship is teaching students personal finance skills -- like how to navigate a budget and shop for a car.

Imprints - NSU Alumni Magazine
2018 Alumni Honorees

(FEATURE) - During the 2018 homecoming celebration, NSU honored three inspiring alumni: A political leader, a research scientist, and an ATF Special Agent. They share their journey to success in these features.

Vercruyssen finds his place at NSU

(FEATURE) - A nontraditional student describes how he was pulled back to school and how scholarships made his goals possible.

Leading the Class

(FEATURE) - As she prepares for her first year of teaching, a recent alumna shares how scholarships improved her college experience.

Imprints - Northeastern State University Alumni Magazine
Generating STEAM

(NEWS) - Innovation is picking up STEAM in the Northeastern State University College of Education with the opening of its STEAM Maker Lab.

Imprints - Northeastern State University Alumni Magazine
Connecting Continents

(FEATURE) - A professor is using his online classroom to reach doctors in rural Africa. Read how he's teaching around the globe without leaving his office in Oklahoma.

Republic family experiences Angelman syndrome

(FEATURE) - At 13 months old, third-grader Dylan Riley was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the nervous system. Because of the syndrome, he is nonverbal and unable to walk without assistance.

Christian County Headliner News
80 pounds less: Republic man changes lifestyle, changes life

(FEATURE) - Eric Lair reached a turning point March 15, 2010. That's the day Lair decided to take advantage of an Anytime Fitness membership discount at the Republic Business Expo. He weighed 280 pounds.