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Kate Sena

Communications and content professional

Location icon United States of America

Kate Sena is a communications and content professional located in Boston, MA. She has experience working in technology and consumer public relations in Manhattan and Boston. Her clients include B2B technology startups, consumer fashion apps and marketing technology. Kate also has in-house public relations experience, having worked on the public relations team for NET-A-PORTER.COM's PORTER Magazine and The EDIT digital magazine. She was previously a staff writer for the beauty and wellness blog, BeautyXpose. She is most interested in writing and frequently produces content including bylines, blogs, white papers and social media posts for clients. In her free time, she can be found at one of Boston's spin studios or in the kitchen experimenting with a new recipe.

Metis Communications
Predictions: The state of IoT in 2018

If marketers want to be successful in 2018, they need to start planning - now. We've all heard about the Internet of Things (IoT) over the last few years, and in the new year, it's really going to shake things up. Why?

Metis Communications
How to engage with analysts: tips for startups

There's no doubt about it - an analyst relations program can be powerful for businesses of all sizes, from startups to established industry players. Paid analyst relationships can be a great way to expand a company's presence, through opportunities like co-hosted webinars.

Renewable Energy World
5 Ways The US Is Leading In Renewable Energy

From wind power to electric vehicles and from corporations to consumers, the push for renewables is getting stronger. We're reflecting on the country's renewable energy milestones and celebrating future achievements. Here are some of the top highlights and predictions contributing to the nation's rank as a leader in renewable energy.

Franchising World
Want Repeat Customers? An Email Marketing Lesson From Firehouse Subs

At the foundation of any business is one question: How do we attract customers? At the foundation of a successful business is a different question: How do we retain customers? Firehouse Subs, a franchise with more than 800 locations, does both by using email marketing to inspire loyalty at every stage of the customer journey — from brand awareness to point of purchase.

Metis Communications
3 Tips for writing a PR pitch that pays off

As a public relations professional, you're always communicating with reporters, and in today's digital world, it's usually happening on a screen. Maybe you're using email to tell them about your new launch, or responding to a question they asked on Twitter and letting them know your CEO is an expert on the topic.

Metis Communications
The Medium checklist for startups: Who to follow and what to read

For entrepreneurs and startups looking to reach and engage with large, targeted audiences, Medium can be a great place to start. It's a community of readers and writers offering unique perspectives on ideas, both big and small. You can follow companies, individuals, collections, and publications, and share your own thought leadership content.

Solar Novus Today
Ultracapacitors: Solar reliability, rain or shine

Renewable energy sources like solar and wind aren't just the wave of the future, they're here now. Their clean, almost unlimited power offers many advantages over more traditional sources, like plants fueled by coal, gas or oil. Government regulations and improving technology promise that solar power will continue to make up more of the energy we use in coming years, as well.

PR Newswire
Maxwell Technologies Delivers Regenerative Braking Energy Storage for Beijing Subway System

The installation with the subway system is the first commercial subway wayside project for CRRC-SRI and Maxwell in . CRRC-SRI will leverage Maxwell's 48-volt modules in two sets of regenerative braking energy storage devices for the system's No. 8 line, an urban rail network that runs north-south through capital, one of the most populous cities in the world.

In the New Golden Age of Ecommerce, Social Collaboration is Key

Mobile app usage grew exponentially in 2014, up 76 percent from 2013. Consumer use around retail and e-commerce -- via mobile -- doubled at 174 percent year over year (YOY). The shopping experience has taken over our phones, and the message has never been clearer: online retailers must fully integrate with the mobile habits of consumers to meet this growing opportunity.

The rise of 'unknown OS' in global smartphone markets

In the near future, we expect brands to continue to globalize by expanding their target markets to previously untapped areas, such as Africa and India. A major key to this expansion will be the ability to capture consumer attention via mobile; however, to be truly successful, organizations must look beyond Android and iOS, as the third largest OS market share globally - particularly in growth markets - is emerging as 'unknown OS.'

Marketing Tech News
How eSignatures can align marketing & sales

Marketing and sales departments exist to make it easier for customers to bring their business to an organization. From studying the impact of specific marketing messages to crafting personalized sales packages, sales and marketing professionals work hard to move customers closer to the brand and to earn their loyalty.

Metis Communications
Get Yourself on TV: Broadcast PR Benefits

It's easy to overlook broadcast media opportunities for a variety of reasons. You might not be comfortable speaking on television, or you might think it's impossible to secure a stint on air. Broadcast media can produce results that print media can't, so stop doubting yourself and start preparing for these opportunities.

Bottled Water Skin Care: Miracle, or Myth, in a Bottle?

Brands such as Aquafina™ and Evian® are known for their bottled water products, but now they are making their way into the beauty aisle as well. Claiming that their particular brands of premium bottled water are beneficial for skin care, these companies have recently released bottled water skin care products.

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