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Freelance Copywriter, Blogger, Feature Writer.

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I am a freelance writer of creative copy, seeking to improve my skillset. I am based in Derbyshire but have spent the last two years living in Australia. I'm much paler now, but that's ok. It doesn't bother me at all. Not one bit.
Please feel free to peruse my writings.
Thank you.

InkPot PR | Blog
Brexit - what can we learn from its approach to communication in 2017?

“From a marketing perspective, the political and commercial spaces are often viewed as silos. But the challenges for marketers in both spheres are increasingly similar as are the opportunities facing them in the current marketplace.” Alexander Nix, CEO Cambridge Analytica.

Work In Your Workout | Blog
9 Christmas health tips

9 tips to help hold back the inevitable holiday weight gain!

Work In Your Work Out | Blog
6 ways to increase staff loyalty.

Your employees are your businesses greatest asset. Here are 6 ways to ensure you take care of them and ultimately keep them.

Inspiring Interns | Blog
Jump-Start Your Productivity With These 6 Tips!

Whether you're a CEO or looking to land that perfect grad job, you have no doubt experienced periods of poor focus. We're all under constant attack from distracting devices, energy slumps and painstaking processes that can kill our productivity if we let them.

InkPot | Blog
The very best PR & marketing news, views and tips from September 2017

For start-ups with limited resources and small budgets, PR and marketing can often find itself way down the to-do list. If this is the case for you, don't fret just yet. Here at InkPot we've put together a simple checklist of the essentials every start-up needs in order to attract the attention of potential customers and hold a stronger position in the market.

Wanderings | Blog
7 Tips to keep fit whilst travelling.

If you’re someone who day-to-day tries to keep in shape, you’ll understand that there’s a difference between ‘holiday mode’ and exercising over-indulgence. Priority one is without question that you have the best time possible. You’re going to feast on different foods and enjoy the odd big night out, that’s partly why you’re there! However, here’s a couple of tips for making sure you’re not headed home with a bod comprising of a higher percentage of gourmet cheese than flesh and blood.

Wanderings | Blog
East Coast vs West Coast (Australian travel, not US rap beef)

Unless you commit to a year's visa in Australia and are willing to spend every waking hour on the road, you're not going to be able to experience everything that this vast land of plenty has to offer. Putting to one side (perhaps unfairly) the plethora of spectacular sights and experiences that can be found...

Wanderings | Blog
How To Find Casual Work as an Expat... i.e. Cash-Poor Backpacker

One of Australia's many appealing qualities as a working-holiday destination is the fact that casual work can be relatively easy to find and often, comparative to other nations (such as England - my homeland), well paid. Ideal for those wishing to live on the cheap, put away some cash and head off on a journey around...

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