Jenica Jessen

Writer, Editor, and Campaign Manager

Location icon United States

I'm a content marketing writer with experience creating social media posts, web pages, blog posts, product descriptions, SEO articles, and more. I also have a great deal of experience with academic writing, and have a deep interest in the free and open Internet.

I have an Honors BA in Linguistics from the University of Utah. I speak English fluently and Spanish decently; I also know a little bit of HTML/CSS.

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Social Media Posts

This is a series of social media posts I created for a window replacement company in Washington.

Office of Township Services, Salt Lake County
Township Services Newsletter

This is an issue of the weekly newsletter I produced during my time working for Salt Lake County.

Learn More About BloomThat

This was written for BloomThat, a flower delivery company with a playful and energetic brand. They have since updated their website and this page is no longer online.

The Buttons Blog
Easter Button Art

This is a post I ghostwrote for a corporate blog explaining how to create a craft project using their products.

Express Capital Financing
Accounts Receivable Financing

This is an example of a webpage I wrote. I also created the copy for the home page as well as the equipment, commercial real estate, and consumer financing sections of the website.

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