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Writer – Brands, Journalism, Stories.

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I enjoy helping anyone find or fine-tune their voice or story through writing.

I've done everything from writing feature screenplays for an independent film studio, to leading a copywriting and SEO team that oversees nearly 100+ websites, to managing my own growing publication and websites. I know what it's like to search for the right words, and I'd like to help you find them.

Reach out to me, and let's start your story.

Diners New York
Diners New York

A website I built and manage cataloguing and reviewing diners across Manhattan.

James Kuckkan writes here.

A website I built for the book I published. Includes a running series of essays and reviews I write, as well as a gallery space for up and coming artists, a small bookstore, and more.


A company website I wrote over one-hundred and thirty pages for, fully-optimized and crafted for a number of industry-related topics.

Marquette Opens the Polls

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Today may see one of the highest voter turnouts in American history for over a century - so how are U.P. polling places preparing? Well, the Marquette City Hall, which acts as a polling place for three separate precincts, seems to be a good model to go off of.

A Main Street Calumet Christmas

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Christmas is only a week away, and the New Year follows closely behind. So as 2020 wraps up, the village of Calumet is getting ready to celebrate the final days of the holiday season with a couple special events.

Halo's Mystery Is Quickly Becoming An Endangered Species

Gregorian chanting. Immense superstructures drifting in the void of space. An emerald warrior and his azure pretty-naked super-computer companion battling not only a vast alien hegemony determined to wipe out humanity, but also fighting the good fight against an unsightly ancient, all-consuming galactic parasite with many faces, none of which any mother could even consider loving.

UWM Post
TV Review: Archer Season 7 Premiere - UWM Post

The season seven premiere of "Archer," much like its titular character, is fast-talking, crude, smart as a whip, unexpectedly and impractically silly at certain points, and, overall, endearing despite the stench of alcohol and blood stains it so proudly displays. For those who may be unfamiliar with the show, "Archer" is an animated spoof of ...