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Feature Film Script + Blacklist Review

Odyssey Con - A Science Fiction Convention

How to make a judge's job easier-or even possible: Write a story that's nothing special, or is well-written but doesn't cover new ground. Write a story that is technically interesting but doesn't have emotional resonance. Write a great story, but make some mistakes-like its/it's or misspelling a word (twice!

Halo's Mystery Is Quickly Becoming An Endangered Species

Gregorian chanting. Immense superstructures drifting in the void of space. An emerald warrior and his azure pretty-naked super-computer companion battling not only a vast alien hegemony determined to wipe out humanity, but also fighting the good fight against an unsightly ancient, all-consuming galactic parasite with many faces, none of which any mother could even consider loving.

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TV Review: Archer Season 7 Premiere - UWM Post

The season seven premiere of "Archer," much like its titular character, is fast-talking, crude, smart as a whip, unexpectedly and impractically silly at certain points, and, overall, endearing despite the stench of alcohol and blood stains it so proudly displays. For those who may be unfamiliar with the show, "Archer" is an animated spoof of ...

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TV Review: South Park Season Finale - UWM Post

A shredded, overzealous, and politically correct bro who's the former principal of a small-town elementary school walks into a bar at the heart of a gentrified Russian village and summarily beats the absolute crap out of the patrons he deems to be "un-PC." That is how the South Park Season Finale kicked off.

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TV Review: South Park - "Truth And Advertising" - UWM Post

So. Things kicked up a notch. Or twelve. Twelve notches. Twelve whole notches. Thursday's newest South Park episode built even more on the serialized story the satirical show has been constructing over the past several months as it details the events of PC culture and its superimposition into the quaint and unaware Colorado town of ...

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TV Review: Moonbeam City "Stunstravaganza" - UWM Post

Some call this show an Archer clone. While I agree to an extent, I also heavily disagree to a much wider extent. Mostly because of episodes like this one. For those of you who do not know, Moonbeam City is an animated show on Comedy Central that follows the exploits of a sexy but stupidly-jerkish ...

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TV Review: South Park "Sponsored Content" - UWM Post

I'm just going to get into the meat of this review right away, so here's my expedited intro: I'm a new writer for the UWM Post, I've been a fan of South Park for a good long while, and anything else about me is either too trivial or boring to matter to you.