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I am a writer, editor and content creator living in Sydney. I originally hail from London. I have been working at Bauer Media for the past 3.5 years in various editorial roles—most recently as Digital Managing Editor of ELLE and Harper's BAZAAR magazines. In my free time, I enjoy reading, swimming and listening to podcasts.

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Harper's BAZAAR
Byron Bay's Latest Boutique Accomodation Is Open For Business

The Information Age has opened up a multitude of possibilities and benefits for fashion brands. Not only can they reach larger audiences with their seasonal collections, they also have the opportunity to create an entire lifestyle aesthetic for their customers to buy into beyond just the clothes, shoes and accessories stocked on their shelves.

Harper's BAZAAR
MATCHESFASHION Is Launching An Online Wedding Boutique

Going one step further the e-tailer has observed that, dress codes aside, we all have our own personal style to adhere to. Inspired by different muses, The Wedding Edit will contain six curated micro collections featuring the Romantic, the Fashion Pioneer, the Curator, the Free Spirit, the Purist and the Warrior, all updated with regular launches to appeal to customers around the globe.

Harper's BAZAAR
All The Standout Trends From Milan Fashion Week 2020

In every show, there is inevitably a handful of looks that truly capture the essence of the collection, or perfectly showcase a trend we know is going to stick. So rather than sift through hundreds of images from the week, we've whittled down the ones we think are worth seeing.

Harper's BAZAAR
London Fashion Week Street Style Set Brave The Storms

The U.K's unpredicatble weather is a tale as old as time but for the past few days, attendees of London Fashion Week's autumn/winter '20 shows had a passing windstorm with driving rain-comparable to a category five hurricane-to contend with. Not the best conditions for showcasing your style credentials. Or so you'd think.

This Is Why 5G Conspiracy Theories Have Escalated During Coronavirus

Why on earth are people burning down 5G phone towers? And how exactly is it linked to the coronavirus pandemic? Right now, we are being fed a lot of news about the COVID-19 outbreak and knowing what's misinformation and what's not is becoming increasingly difficult, especially on social media.

H&M Is Collaborating With P.E Nation And We'll Take One Of Everything

Designed to be worn beyond the gym, everything features the brand's signature fashion forward take, with logo-embossed leggings, zip-up sports bras and tie-dye t-shirts, plus some recent street style favourites making the cut too. Think cycling shorts paired with an oversized sweater a la Hailey Beiber.

A Grace Loves Lace Art Director's Dreamy Byron Wedding

Grace Loves Lace's Graphic Art Director Casey D'Assonville married her partner Rumond in the Byron Bay Hinterland last May, and the easiest part of the preparations was⁠-unsurprisingly⁠-finding her wedding dress. Despite working with a myriad of breathtaking designs, it was love at first site for Casey when the Summer dress launched.

Beauty Consumer Research Report

In 2019, I oversaw a large research project that looked into how beauty is consumed. I presented our findings to BEAUTYDIRECTORY's most valuable clients including L'Oréal, Estée Lauder, Jurlique, L'Occitane, P&G, Nude by Nature and more.

In Conversation With Roxy Jacenko

During my role as Editor of trade website BEAUTYDIRECTORY, I sat down with Roxy Jacenko to get her advice about what makes a successful modern-day entrepreneur. From running her own PR agency, to becoming an ambassador for countless beauty brands, this is how she makes it all work.

Why Beauty Is Booming: A Glance At The Current State Of The Industry

Earlier this week, Euromonitor held a webinar titled: 'State of Beauty: Trends Shaping the Industry in 2019'. Described as a 'strategy briefing' by the market researcher, the webinar follows the release of some positive beauty industry insights in its report, Beauty and Personal Care: Quarterly Statement Q1 2019.

Costco Connection
Stony Heart, Tender Taste

While at Pacific Magazines, I edited a number of the publisher's custom titles including The Costco Connection. I was responsible for writing, editing, commissioning and managing budgets for the quarterly magazine.

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