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Wings: Memories and Comfort Food

The sensory consumption of sensory goods is a very interesting experience, in so many cases, it is hardly ever just a separate, singular phenomena—there is, an accumulation of collected memories. I recall lurking around Youtube finding some stray video of Charlie Rose interviewing the chef Thomas Keller, and I was mesmerised as I heard Keller talk about how his favorite dish was roast chicken, and recounting that they would have it during family celebrations—and therein is an account of a...

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Weird is good: The female artists in media who pioneered strange

By Gabrielle Gatchalian When Lady Gaga burst into the scene in 2008 with her meat suits, bubble dresses, and hit-filled album, she did so with freak-flag branding raised high up in the sky. Topping charts and collecting grammy nominations, she won people over, converting them into an army of Monsters, as her fans liked to call themselves.

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Take a peek at these great artists' and scientists' personal notebooks

Illustration and words by Gabrielle Gatchalian The word "handwriting," has for the most part, replaced the word "penmanship;" the feel of which implies that there is an artfulness to laying down words on paper. Some say that one of the mark of a great artist is the boldness of their strokes.