Evelyn Goldin

Communicator. Collaborator. Story teller.

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What do you want your audience to know? How can you create a message that speaks to them while still upholding corporate voice, brand and values? I'll break down complexity, sweep away jargon and create content that drives action.


Business and Financial Reporting

The Central New Jersey Home News
RiverWatch Plans Aired

I wrote about the ambitious plans, that have now come to fruition, to transform the city of New Brunswick. This was a major front page story.

Charles Schwab On Investing
New Rules for Refinancing

By positioning a home mortgage as a financial tool, this article attempts to entice homeowners to refinance through Charles Schwab.

Internal Communications

Consumer Marketing: Lifestyle, Health, Finance and More

The Atrium at Navesink Harbor
Don't Dream it. LIVE it.

A postcard mailer designed to set a tone and promote a lifestyle for a high-end senior living community.

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