Evangeline McMullen

Content Strategist and Copywriter

Location icon U.S.

Content Strategy
Product Comparison Page

My copy recommendations resulted in CTR lifts of up to 88.5% on our product comparison page.

Content Strategy
404 Error Page

I combined usability with humor, crafting a Star Trek—inspired concept that spoke to our IT customers' geeky sides while giving them ways to continue their CDW journey.

Content Strategy
User Education

When we updated our quote process in 2017, I created messaging that taught customers how to use the new features.

Content Strategy
Cart Error Messaging

I worked with our Cart & Checkout team to create messaging that alerts customers to problems with their carts.

Content Strategy & Copywriting
The Ultimate Tech Smackdown

In collaboration with our lead designer, I developed creative for a 2016 digital tournament that captured our customers' love of tech and resulted in massive engagement.

Charles Barkley Brand Campaigns

I wrote all copy for the on-domain promotional elements of CDW's 2014 branding campaigns starring Charles Barkley.

Content Strategy
CDW Homepage Personalization

In late 2017, we designed our first personalized homepage targeting new visitors. I developed a strategy focused on humanizing CDW and making its tech expertise easy to understand.

Content Strategy
Email Re-engagement Campaign

To clean up our email subscriber list, we launched our first re-engagement campaign, using A/B tested copy, and resulted in 15.3% subscriber re-engagement.

Job Postings

To help CDW snag Chicago's best talent, I rewrote dozens of job descriptions, ripping out the corporate-speak and injecting the kind of personality we're looking for in applicants.

Content Strategy
Holiday Hero Deals Campaign

I conceived and led the Holiday Hero campaign, CDW's first online holiday promotion, which raked in nearly $900,000 in revenue in its first year.

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