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Join the Salty Gang!! 🧂🦙😎We're disrupting Big Laundry and Big Plastic one laundry load at a time! Help us keep almost 100 million plastic jugs from landfills per year in the US alone (according to our most recent calculations–plus another 800 million in the EU–whew!). Let's go!!! ♻️💚 #momtips #momhacks #sustainableliving #ecofriendly #zerowaste #environment #funny

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Fashion Sense

Fashion tips? Not really our thing. 🙃 Giving your clothes one mean green clean? 🌱 Yesss - we can do that!! 💪 Salty Lama laundry detergent: The best strips on the planet! 🌎💚 #sustainability #ecofriendly #sustainable #sustainableliving #zerowaste #environment

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Lost Socks

It's a shame about all those lost socks, isn't it? 🧦 On the bright side, mismatched socks make great cleaning mitts, dry board erasers, golf club protectors, shoe covers, DIY potpouri holders and a lot more! ♻️ Why buy when you can repurpose and reuse? And why buy plastic bottled laundry detergent when you can use eco-friendly strips? 🌿 🌏👍 #sustainability #sustainabilitytips #sustainabilitymatters #ecofriendly #zerowaste #sustainableliving #recycle #reuse #upcycling #plasticfree

SaltyLama Instagram

It's a dog eat smelly laundry world out there. Luckily we've come up with an easy-peasy, eco-friendly solution to all your dirtiest laundry woes. As simple as tear off a strip, toss it in, to heck with the plastic jug and hooray for sweet-smelling clothing and the planet. SaltyLama is your new other best friend. 🐶🌱 #laundrytips #laundryhacks #dogs #ecofriendly

Product Descriptions

Blush and Bar
Simple Dots White Fire Opal Ring

We like to call this "the little ring that could." So light might forget you're wearing it...its powerful opalescence will...burn holes through your enemies...

Blush and Bar
Droplet Ring 925 Sterling SIlver/14K Gold Vermeil

Honestly, we could stare at this ring forever: A simple-yet-dazzling circle of shiny, hammered gold or silver punctuated by mesmerizingly sparkly stones. It's elegant and then some. Hey, remember when you used to wear junk jewelry? Yeah, we can barely remember that time either.

Blush and Bar
White Opal Local Mix Ring

An opal is a party on your finger. It's the most colorful gemstone of all and, arguably, the most dazzling. Certainly it's the most mesmerizing. Try staring at an opal on a bad day-definitely transports you to another world. Opals have been tied to both good luck and bad (we figure that cancels each other out).

Blush and Bar
Sasha Sparkle Dainty Cluster 18K Gold Vermeil Ring

Who couldn't use a sparkling-but-subtle splash of diamondy beauty in their life-and on their finger? Test it out: Head to your local café, hoist up your mug with this ring on and watch the world hang on your every, bling-accented word.


How to Compost at Home: It's Easier Than You Think

Compositing your family's food scraps is a great way to reduce the amount of organic trash your household contributes to landfills and lessen greenhouse emissions. Not only is composting great for sustainability, it has health, social and economic benefits. There are tons of good reasons to compost.

10 Top Reasons To Start Eating Local

There is no official or legal definition (although maybe there should be, for labeling purposes): 25, 50 or 100 miles could all be considered "local." But most simply, it means food that is produced within a short distance of where it is consumed.

Entertainment Weekly
Erica K. Cardozo

It didn't exactly have megaseller written all over it: a simile-packed tale of a "hive-spangled," "third-rate newspaperman" with a "monstrous" chin.

Entertainment Weekly
Erica Kornberg

Out of the plethora of sketch comedy groups now acting silly on the airwaves, which one will have the last laugh?

Minx NY
Hollywood Hygge: Celebs Heed the Call of the Tame

Here at MinxNY, Hygge isn't some celebrity fad or chic trend. Nope, Hygge (hoo-gah, the Danish concept of celebrating fun times, comfortable and comforting accessories, and seizing the moment) is our whole brand. We practice what we preach each day in the office. (Thank you, ultra-casual dress code, ping pong, and early summer Fridays!)

Minx NY
15 Ways to Make Your Socks Last Much (Like Really Way) Longer

It's time for a little a tough love on a soft subject: You've probably been abusing your socks. Not intentionally, of course, but still. Socks aren't cheap, high quality ones, especially. (Even with an employee discount, ahem.) And yet socks have it rougher than almost any other item in our wardrobe, partly because we walk on them all day long (ya think?).

Help Cleaning Service
The Dirt: Germs in the News . . . *Click* – You're Sick!

SO, folks, guess what's naturally filthy if left to its own devices? Your devices! Which? Co. UK investigated the bugs on tech items and found, well, are you sitting down? 30 tablets, 30 phones and 30 keyboards were swabbed and many boards and tablets were dirtier that an office toilet seat!

Help Cleaning Service
Neat New Year: Resolve to Be Clean

THE past is the past. Whatever cleaning sins and omissions occurred last year, well, let's just forget those ever happened, m-kay?


COVID-19 Special Issue: On cautions, cross-reactions & cures

COVID-19 has changed our world, reminding us of how little we control and how much we still need to discover. GeneCentrix is proud to be part of the biomedical community seeking answers, and proud to be part of the larger society that is showing such resilience and courage in the face of this pandemic.

A tissue a tasket, metal ahead and Swede success . . .

GeneCentrix is pioneering the incorporation of tissue-specificity into drug discovery and development informatics, based on the belief that doing so can dramatically reduce drug attrition, both by increasing efficacy (at the target site) and reducing side effects (at other sites). The recent story of Clearside Biomedical's product highlights the highs and lows of this new area .

Search parity, blood-brain barrier relief and bind faith

Search is fundamental. Imagine you couldn't google anything you were curious about from your phone as you're eating lunch? Well, if you are over 30 years old, you don't have to imagine it. You lived it. Talk about the dark ages. Well, it's still before dawn in the cheminformatics world.


GeneCentrix Website

We're scientists, just like you. So, we know what it's like to struggle in the dark, tilting at breakthrough windmills, missing as many times as we hit. That's why, three years ago, we endeavored to do something about it, to bring order to the chaos and put dreaded drug attrition on notice. With data. ​ Our user-friendly drug profiling platform, Historeceptomics (histo-RE-cept-O-mics), makes you the smartest person in the room. Utilizing a proprietary algorithm, it analyzes...

Meet Your New Team

Meet Your New Team. The one that doesn’t take up a lot of precious desk space (that’d be zero). Or make awkward chitchat in the kitchen’re not really sure.

SHIC Website

Students for High-Impact Charity is the only global network of classes and extracurricular clubs dedicated to students achieving the most effective prosocial impact.
Virunga Alliance

Virunga Alliance is the intersection of civil society, private sector and state institutions working together toward sustainable development goals in eastern Congo.

Quantified Commerce Inc.
Quantified Commerce

With more than a decade of experience, we tackle a broad variety of disciplines in the process of creating meaningful, quantifiable e-commerce platforms for international markets.

Minx NY
About Us Page

Our company is lovingly dedicated to the spirit of Hygge. We believe in it and try to embody its message in all that we do.

Social Media Posts

Salty Lama Earth Month Giveaway Campaign

Earth Month Week 1 Giveaway! 🌏 🧺 🎉 It’s Our Very First SaltyLama Sweep in Honor of . . . Earth Month! 😊 April is a great time to make the switch to a Green Clean! Every Wednesday in April, we’ll be giving away A Year's Worth 😮 of our 100% Eco-friendly Laundry Strips in Baby Blossom 👶🏼, Fresh Scent 🍃 and Fragrance free 👃! So, mark your calendars and don’t forget to enter this sweep every Wednesday of Earth Month!

March Matching Madness Campaign

Thank you for making last month’s March Matching Madness campaign a winner! 🏀 You all came through with donations that will allow us to continue to do what we do–deliver groceries and essentials to neighbors.🧴🧻🍅 A big shout out also to the donors who matched your funds. 😇 A victory for mutual aid and the Upper Manhattan community! ✌️💙 Donate via Vemno (@ummanyc using code 7894) and see link in our bio for resources. ✅ #mutualaid #foodinsecurity #community #nyc #solidarity...

More March Madness

🔔 UPDATE: We have reached our goal of $1K and our donors have now offered to match up to $5K! 🔥 Please allow this amazing Madness to continue until our deadline of March 31st–share this post and spread the word! 💫 Thank you to everyone who contributed and let's keep going!! 💙❤️💙_____________________________________________ Exciting news, everyone! Upper Manhattan Mutual Aid’s March Matching Gift Madness starts now. 🏀😋 A group of generous friends in the UMMA community will match any...

Upper Manhattan Mutual Aid "Meet Your Neighbors" Event

Hey, Fam! We’re still here! Hope you are all good. 🤗 We know we’ve been quieter than normal as, while continuing our weekly NY Common Pantry runs, we’ve taken a l'il pause to reflect on our purpose and place going forward. We’ve been having some meetings (all are welcome). And some readings (we have a book club, you are also welcome). And we’ve been doing a lot of thinking. We are in the process of drafting a new mission statement. We’re also having our first big, live, community “Meet...

It’s Supply Cat and Grocery Dog!

It’s Supply Cat 🐱 and Grocery Dog 🐶 reporting for pantry watch duty! 👀 We are very lucky to have UMMA members who host Apartment Pantries in their homes. These critical supply hubs allow our volunteers to make their deliveries of fresh food and staples to neighbors. 🏠🥦🥚🧼 We salute our members’ generosity as well as their four-legged guardians who protect our precious stashes and resist the urge to take a little off the top for themselves.


The feeling was already Mutual, the Aid just made it legal! 🖋 While Upper Manhattan Mutual Aid volunteers regularly deliver groceries and supplies to those in need, we are also here to support our neighbors with access to social services, tech and, yes, even access to getting married! 💞 Last month, we were able to help Cupid come a little early when an elderly couple with no internet wanted to wed. An UMMA volunteer arrived with a laptop 💻 and a phone 📱 as a mobile hotspot, allowing them to...

CauseVox Fundraiser

Think about it: Sacrifice an aesthetically-iffy sweater, an itchy nightgown, a “bored” game, or someone else’s idea of a “funny” read–and save lives.