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Emma Schreiner Vonk

Communications Professional

Location icon Canada

Welcome! I'm used to having to "tell a little about yourself" in person, so let's see how well I can accomplish this in writing.

Writing has been something I have enjoyed since I was in elementary, so it only made sense to go with it for life. I graduated from MacEwan University with a Bachelor of Communication Studies majoring in Professional Communication. I took an even mix of classes focusing on strategic communication, technical communication, and editing/publishing - because who knows what kind of writing I may need to do in the future, right?

Since becoming a fully-fledged adult, I have done serving, shoe selling, sandwich making, event planning, web editing, adminning, and writing work leading me to contribute my skills to the service and retail industries, postsecondary institutions, construction and marketing companies. And now? I'm happily in my new abode with my husband and doggo, looking for new ways to express my creativity.



Gaining New Perspectives: The Indigenous Canada Experience

By Emma Schreiner Vonk I like to think that I am a fairly smart, educated cat. However, there have been many times in my life where that idea has been completely smashed to pieces. Math was easy for me until trigonometry in grade 12 (I loved trig up until then).

The Importance of Having Integrity in Business

By Emma Schreiner Vonk In Hunter's most recent blog post , he talked about the winter solstice being a time of reflection. The holidays and the new year are a great time to make resolutions (which I'm sure is a popular blog topic at this time of year, but bear with me).

'Tis the Season: Finals and Study Hacks - SAMU

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Just kidding, we know it's a mess. But look on the bright side! You're almost done the semester and will have a couple weeks to do absolutely nothing. How great is that? In the meantime, we want to help make this time the least stressful on you as possible.

The Struggle: Staying Healthy During School - SAMU

Summer can be the perfect time to gain some healthy habits. More free time means you can work more hours and make more moolah. This moolah can be used to buy healthier groceries, get a gym membership, or take some fitness classes.

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Phone: 780-978-0157 Email: [email protected] Contact Jen Joining the world of real estate gave me the perfect work-life balance while letting me do something that I enjoy - which is to help others. I'm here every step of the way, whenever you need for whatever you need: Selling and buying a home can seem daunting, but they don't have to be.

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