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Writer. Change Agent. Data savvy marketing storyteller, I sift through data to discover what readers want to know next, then show them the extraordinary ways to see it.

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3 Ways to Screw Up Your Next Big Idea

The last time I was involved in the comeuppance of the next Really Big Idea, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company ended up owning it. Well, that's because it involved renting out their motorcycles, so I guess it was a foregone conclusion. But we'll get back to that later.

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4 Mindfulness Secrets to Workplace Zen

Mindfulness and emotional intelligence are at the very forefront of trending organizational cultural movements. This newfound popularity isn't due to a sudden awakening, but to an increasing need to remind us of the basics of behaving with common courtesy.

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Chapter 1. Boy

I couldn't see the face of the little boy seated just in front of me, but there was no mistaking the sound of his agonizing screams. I imagined his face... brown, bloated, and screwed into itself, as if that could help him hide the horror he imagined would make up his next few hours.

TV Commercial Blog - Pushbox: Alright Trigon, But The Kid Gets It

Love viral YouTube videos featuring wisecracking kids? Well, even if they hold no special place in your cold little heart, you've probably at least grinned while viewing this 2007 collection of commercials from the creative works of Bob Ebel. Bob's achieved industry guru status when it comes to directing children.

Imagined Self Project
Day 18, 30 Days- Four Years of Looking

For four years, I've volunteered as a sort of online sherpa for folks asking the single most important question we can ever ask ourselves. This question is very much related to my current 30 day project of finding passion and purpose, but it's a precursor and it's time I gave you that backstory.


What struck me first was the look of resignment on their faces, the shoulder shrugs, and the dragging feet. And they weren't even the newly homeless. South Florida is facing many more months of foreclosures, and lots more runs by Trash Out Teams whose job it is to destroy and dump the personal possessions left behind by families whose last efforts to keep their homes has failed.

Imagined Self Project
Days 12 -14, 30 Days

Only after writing my last post on living with uncertainty did I remember the number of times my husband and I have started life over, from scratch. This life reboot always followed a significant event which only appeared to be a setback, but the truth is that once the change was made, we found ourselves transformed.

With a Lill Inspiration...

Oh, how I have tried to stay in the now! Let me count the ways... It's frustrating to suddenly realize that I'd been thinking about a problem at work while actually gazing at the sunset on a beautiful beach.

Indigo Highways: Road & Route Trip Ideas with Bluegreen Resorts: AZ Road Trip: Red Rocks Aflame...

There are no shortage of road trip possibilities in Arizona and you could spend a month on the road loosening the cobwebs in your work-addled brain. I'd have to have an entire series to cover everything you ought to see and do around Bluegreen's Cibola Vista Resort and Spa in just outside of Scottsdale, but I'd bet you'd still come up with side roads and hidden places I'd missed.

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