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Chana Tolchin

Content Writer, Editor, Proofreader

Location icon United States

Hi, I'm Chana.

My lifelong love of writing led me to purse a B.A. in English and Creative Writing from Barnard College (Columbia University), where I graduated Cum Laude with honors. While on campus, I served as the Politics & Opinion Editor of the Barnard Bulletin, Barnard's primary magazine. Since graduation, I have put my writing skills to work creating content for newsletters and blogs, writing press releases for non-profits, proofreading marketing materials, assisting with copywriting for a band, and even editing college application essays.

Most recently, I worked as an Operations Assistant at a security systems company where I honed my technical writing abilities. In that role, I was responsible for writing a weekly Safety newsletter as well as summarizing technical work on customer invoices. I also assisted with sales proposals, Health and Safety plans, marketing materials and company-wide emails.

I am also a tutor, teaching writing and language arts (in addition to math). I enjoy writing fiction and poetry. I am also visual artist and singer-songwriter.

I am looking forward to supporting your next writing project!



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