Chris Russo

Copywriter - Storyteller - Strategist - Creative

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Branding is what people say about you when you're not in the room. I help make sure those are good things.

New Website

A holistic website overhaul. The company was poised for growth and needed a completely new look and feel to their website. This was the first major outwardly facing example of the brand voice and tone we were looking to create.

The Gamification of Retail

A gateway whitepaper for retailers into the realm of Gamification. An interesting topic and one that as of a result of this piece saw an influx of leads and an eventual new client.

2019 Brand & Culture Guide

To match the look and feel of the website and to help promote a more unified brand identity, I was tasked with creating a brand guide that could act as "sacred text" for our staff in their day to day interactions.

Test Automation Campaign & Meetup

A recent campaign on Test Automation that included publishing an eGuide, a meetup, and various social media and video promotions.

HR RPA "grey paper"

The idea of Robotic Process Automation has been a bit difficult for a lot of companies to buy into. It is plagued with myths and fears of massive job loss. My intent with this and the accompanying "grey paper" was to ease people into the idea of it by providing them with real-life examples and in very relevant verticals within the organization where they might have the biggest impact.

New Hire / Orientation Presentation

Along the same lines of keeping the branding consistent for all employees and our culture, we knew we had to start from day one with all new hires.

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