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I have four years of content writing and digital marketing strategy experience with mission-driven organizations. My goal is to worry about content strategy and production, so companies and nonprofits don't have to. I specialize in using web and social media analytics data to better inform content strategy (blogs, landing page content, and video marketing).

Atlanta Small Business Network
Atlanta's Growing Innovation Hub: The What and Why Behind Corporate Incubators

Over the past decade, innovation and flexibility have seemingly only gone hand-in-hand with startups and small businesses. Their composition allows them to be nimble in creating ideas that larger companies may not have the time nor flexibility to pursue. However, one of the main problems startups and entrepreneurs face is having enough financial capital to see projects to completion.

Atlanta Small Business Network
Five Ways to Prepare Your Small Business for Recession Survival

During times when the economy is on the upswing -like right now-it is easy to forget the cyclical nature of markets. They are almost as certain as gravity, because just like the invisible force, what goes up eventually has to come down. Now, things are great, better than they have been for a while.

Single Grain
Beyond the Newsletter: You've Got Their Email, Now What?

Congratulations! You have gained the trust of your customers - so much so that they have entrusted you with their personal emails, and as a result, your email list is growing! Why is this such a crucial development for your company?

Atlanta Small Business Network
Five Reasons Atlanta's FinTech Industry Is Putting the City on the Map

When people think of commerce in Atlanta, thoughts of Coca-Cola, CNN, and maybe even peaches might cross their minds. It would make sense, as these are the companies and items most marketed within and outside of Atlanta. However, the days of soda and broadcasting being Atlanta's only claim to fame have long gone.

User Generated Content: Why It Matters and Five Ways to Utilize It

What are users saying about products? Are they providing details about their experiences with services? If so, this is a great way to start sharing UGC. Including customer reviews on company landing pages, and email newsletters can build trust with consumers to hopefully increase conversions.

Atlanta Small Business Network
Six Ways Podcasts Can Enhance your Marketing Strategy

You have already created your marketing strategy that includes plans for social media, Facebook ads, email campaigns, and website design. However, there might be one component you would like to include that you likely never thought of. Podcasts are increasingly becoming a reliable marketing tool for small business owners.

5 Mobile App Promotion Tips: Press Releases, Contact Lists, Influencers

This guest post was created by Chanell Alexander who writes about the latest technology and tools for TrustRadius - a community of professionals sharing software reviews, and best practices. We all know that people are enamored with their apps. Data shows this to be a fact: according to App Annie's annual report , in 2017 app downloads exceeded 175 billion.

The Mashup
Using Data Visualization for Better Customer Communication - The Mashup

Departments that work directly with customers have a lot of available data to tell them how well they're communicating, but so much of it is anecdotal and gut-feeling, unless you use data visualization. Data visualization tools can be used to help customer-facing teams increase their overall customer satisfaction and can pinpoint areas for improvement.

NASA Report

A report I produced on the graduate research of NASA funded scholars.

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