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Social media is my first love. Creating crisp, persuasive copy with tangible business results comes in a close second. My solid background and training in journalism has afforded me the ability to write tight prose, fast. I am able to identify a client’s needs and translate them into copy that captures the imagination of a specific audience. I thrive in high-pressure, deadline-driven environments. I am an enthusiastic, energetic 28-year-old who is creatively inclined, excellent at problem solving with a natural flair for working with a diversity of people.

Media Update
Grant Hinds: For the love of YouTube

Grant Hinds has not only made geeking out with friends cool, he's made a profession out of it. The bespeckled and currently pink-haired gaming enthusiast is the owner of one of the few South African YouTube channels that has over one million views. And he's doing it all for the love of games.

Kasi Vision
Never give up

The Lwandle police station is nothing more than a few wendy houses and containers, many of which leak during downpours.

19 Families Displaced

Approximately 19 families are currently displaced as a result of a devastating fire that swept through the XaiXai block of flats in Beach Road, Strand on Saturday 5 July.

Media Update
A basic guide to social media strategy

Social media without a strategy is risky business. Why? Because if you're just posting, interacting and engaging without a plan, chances are you're not going to achieve much. By Cassy van Eeden As Jessica Rose McEndoo, head of social media and content strategy at BlueMagnet points out, 95% of successful brands have a social media strategy.

Media Update
Mzolisi Witbooi is living the Destiny Man brand

Bold. Distinguished. And driven by the possibility of effecting change. Mzolisi 'Mzo' Witbooi, recently appointed as the editor of Destiny Man, is the embodiment of his readership. By Cassy van Eeden After having worked at Destiny Man for four years as a features editor, it would seem only natural for Witbooi to take on the role of the magazine's editor.

Media Update
Measuring social media ROI

So you've got a winning social media plan, you're working hard at sticking to your strategy and your posts are nearing perfection. That's great news. But how do you know if what you're doing is working? By Cassy van Eeden Social media is an investment, one that affects your budget and your bottom line.

Media Update
Content marketing vs journalism (part 1): An academic perspective

The future of journalism is content marketing. This is David Pembroke's argument. The founder and CEO of contentgroup argues that because jobs in the traditional media are becoming scarcer by the day, it is vital that journalism students learn about content marketing. By Cassy van Eeden It's a hotly contested topic.

Media Update
Content marketing vs journalism (part 2): An industry perspective

Does content marketing need journalists? According to some of the largest content organisations in South Africa, not only does content marketing need journalists, there are large budgets set aside for hiring journalists. By Cassy van Eeden Traditional journalism jobs are drying up.

Media Update
How to get over your writer's block

You're staring at a blank page. Your cursor blinks, anxious for you to put it to work. Your desk is tidy; and so is the kitchen, bathroom and lounge. You're surrounded by mind maps and detailed planning. But you can't write.

Media Update
Changing behaviour: ideas with Gravity

David Perrot and Sebastian Thompson had two choices when they graduated from the Red & Yellow School of Logic and Magic. Either they could join the marketing team for a big corporate brand, or they could join a marketing agency and become account executives. They chose neither.

Media Update
What is a head of social media?

Just a few years ago no one would've guessed there would be such a thing as a social media manager, let alone directors of social media departments. But things have changed a lot since then. Social media is now an investment that is vital to the survival of most brands.

Media Update
Why are we addicted to social media?

Social media. It's the first thing we check in the morning and the last thing we browse at night. We tell ourselves that we're only going to engage for five minutes; only to find ourselves 56 weeks deep into someone's Instagram feed.

Media Update
The power of PR: A client's perspective

The public relations function has endless potential. This is something that PR professionals tell the media all the time. But surely a client's perspective on things is a more accurate representation of the power of public relations?

Media Update
Traditional vs new PR: how do you do both?

There is no denying that the public relations landscape is constantly evolving. However, perhaps one of the biggest shifts the industry has ever seen is taking place right now. The shift from traditional to new PR. By Cassy van Eeden This is not the death of traditional PR, nor is it the birth of new PR.

Helderberg Gazette
Day of sorrow for Rusthof

This past Friday, hundreds of learners and their teachers gathered at Rusthof Secondary to mourn the sudden and tragic death of Nannette Mukwereza.

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