Carmella D'Acquisto

Freelance Writer

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My name is Carmella, I am a freelance writer working in Milwaukee, WI. The bulk of my experience is in blog writing for websites or LinkedIn editorials, social media, and site copy. I've worked with clients in the hospitality, non-profit, marketing and lifestyle businesses. I'm sharing a couple examples of my work here. Reach out any time with questions or for clairification.


Marketing vs Branding, the Battle Continues

If you think that deciding between marketing and branding is like choosing which Mexican luchador to support in a Battle Royale, think again! The concepts are often confused and sometimes conflated in the minds of consultants, clients and the media. Far from being diametrically opposed, however, the

93% of Communication is Visual

Did you know that we only say about 7% of what we actually mean through spoken word? Believe it or not, 93% of our communication takes place in a visual form.

Not All Small Businesses Are the Same

I recently read a couple of intriguing posts that got me thinking about small business branding, specifically how many "small" businesses are misidentifying and in turn misbranding themselves. Before the rise of corporatism back in the late 19th century, our society was primarily built on the indivi

Swiss Silk Company
The Breeders' Cup: Celebrating the Pinnacle of the Horse Racing World

Horse racing has long been known as the Sport of Kings. And few events capture the royalty of the sport as thoroughly as the Breeders' Cup. The Breeders' Cup World Championships culminate each year's horse racing season with two days of breathtaking competition by the elite of the thoroughbred racing world.

Swiss Silk Company
Jockey Silks

Horse racing started as a regal sport, one exclusively for the aristocracy and royal family. Silk was considered the "King's fabric," one of the most expensive and sought after textiles. Where there was opportunity to be lavish, silk was the fabric of choice!

Brand Therapy - The cure to all your brand ailments

At Carl Designs, we serve as Brand Therapists where we are able to work with you and your business at a few different levels, depending on your needs. Most importantly, however, with us it must always starts with analysis.