Brooke Hardington

Senior Copywriter

United States

Hi there! I'm Brooke, an award-winning senior copywriter with 8 years of experience across healthcare, corporate, and consumer PR sectors. I specialize in authoring thought leadership and executive visibility platforms for C-Suite execs.

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KLT France Visit (LinkedIn Approach)

In June 2023, the Kenvue Leadership Team visited France to tour Val-de-Reuil manufacturing site and visit store locations. We amplified awareness of their time in Europe and of the brand's purpose to realize the extraordinary power of everyday care by authoring coordinating LinkedIn posts for each leadership team member.

Kenvue Listing Day (LinkedIn Approach)

To celebrate going live on the New York Stock Exchange in May 2023, our global Kenvue Leadership Team shared coordinated LinkedIn updates & posts. The 32 posts saw 9,300+ engagements within the first six hours alone.

Kenvue Live (LinkedIn Approach)

The Kenvue Leadership Team executed a coordinated LinkedIn approach to amplify awareness and excitement around Kenvue Live: the first time all 22,000 Kenvuers gathered together following their IPO.

Aveeno Kids
Aveeno Kids Coloring Book

Aveeno Kids developed a coloring book for children to introduce the "Care Crew:" a squad of super-powered animal characters ready to lend a paw or hoof to empower kids to practice self-care routines.


PepsiCo's In-House Content Studio
Pilk and Cookies: A "Dirty Soda" Twist on a Holiday Tradition

Pepsi brought Pilk - Pepsi and milk - to the masses during the 2022 holiday season, creating a viral sensation that reached fans around the world. The PILK campaign has won in two categories at the 2023 ANA In-House Excellence Awards and in the "Holiday or Seasonal Marketing" category at the 2023 REGGIE Awards. It was also shortlisted at the 2023 One Show Awards.

2021 Working Mothers of The Year

PepsiCo put forth Emily Silver, VP of Innovation & Capabilities, for the 2021 Working Mothers of the Year award. She Runs It recognizes professionals in marketing, media and tech who brilliantly navigate the complex responsibilities of business, leadership, advocacy, and motherhood. Along with deserving others across industry sectors, Emily won.

PepsiCo Recycling
PepsiCo Recycling Rally SEM Display Ads

PepsiCo was seeking updated display ads ahead of their Recycling Rally re-launch. To date, display ads have boosted SEO traffic by 87.4% and increased user session length by 108%.


Tic Tac
Tic Tac Sprite Partnership

In 2023, Tic Tac joined forces with Sprite for a refreshing lemon-lime flavor collaboration. Cue the summer of Tic Tac Sprite.

Baby Ruth
Baby Ruth Social

Beginning May 2023, Baby Ruth revamped its voice across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to be more fun, social-forward, and relatable.

Kinder Bueno
Kinder Bueno Social Media

Kinder Bueno set out to appeal to a younger demographic in the US by revitalizing its social content.

Tic Tac
Tic Tac at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Festival

In 2019, Tic Tac hit up the iHeart Festival and gave the musical performers a portrait of themselves...made entirely out of Tic Tacs. Here's a look at some of the customized artist notes.


Verizon 5G Social Campaign

In 2022, Verizon set out to educate consumers with a 5G content series focusing on common questions and concerns. Content reached 382K+ consumers (across Instagram and Twitter), in addition to driving traffic to 5G online properties.

Mountain Dew

The Big Bold Book of MTN DEW Recipes

Want DEW for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a midnight snack? Look no further, DEW Nation. Introducing... the first-ever MTN DEW® cookbook! The Big Bold Book is a collection of recipes ranging from fan favs to professional chef creations. Let's grubbb!

MTN DEW Outdoor Grants

In September 2020, MTN DEW's Outdoor Grants program fueled outdoor organizations with $100,000 through a series of $5,000 grants.

L'Oréal Paris

L'Oréal Paris Women of Worth
2019 L'Oréal Paris Women of Worth Speeches

Each year, L'Oréal Paris' philanthropic Women of Worth program honors 10 extraordinary women who selflessly volunteer their time to serve their communities. The Women of Worth Honorees are celebrated at a star-studded end-of-year gala, and introduced by celebrities within the Women of Worth family.


IT Cosmetics

IT Cosmetics
IT Cosmetics Manifesto

IT Cosmetics knows that confidence is more than skin deep. It starts from within and it starts with you