Bridget Kiley

Skilled copywriter & content Marketer

United States

I help businesses establish their brand voice and create content that resonates with target audiences. I’ve honed this skill by studying the mechanics of creative writing and storytelling and putting it into practice for businesses, resulting in copy that is inspired and original.

I follow a simple rule: always put people at the heart of what you’re writing. Doing so leads to copy that makes people stop scrolling and take a moment to read what you have to say, encouraging them to take action – whether that be to click, read, sign up, or learn more about what makes your company special.

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Thought leadership & articles

Hybrid work is the future but is your company's culture still in th

A healthy organization is one that is constantly learning. And to maintain that health and growth, businesses must invest in helping people expand their skills and expertise. The pandemic made digital transformation an even greater necessity to strengthen business resilience against uncertainty, which ramped up the demand for new skills and roles.

How to qualify as a small business

When it comes to business, bigger isn't always better. There are some advantages to being classified as a small business. For example, you can get access to government contracts set aside only for small businesses. But which businesses qualify as small?

3 Entrepreneurs share how they launched their business on the heels of a pandemic

During the 2008 financial crisis, we saw job loss, home foreclosures, and many businesses forced to close. However, there was a lot of innovation that came out of that time too, as new businesses like Groupon, WhatsApp, and Slack were all started. The current crisis is different in many ways, but there are similarities.

How His Grandmother's Illness Led To A Harvard MBA Startup

Harvard Business School MBA Gil Addo always knew he wanted to play a role in the healthcare space. When he was a child, his grandmother was diagnosed with a brain tumor and started commuting thousands of miles between Barbados and Boston for surgery and a long series of post-op appointments.

What's the #1 question small businesses are asking? A business advisor tells all

Small businesses are the backbone of America. Although many agree with this sentiment, few are as dedicated to supporting up-and-coming enterprises than the American Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), a nationwide organization created to support American small businesses through training, counseling, and other resources at free or affordable costs with nearly 1,000 locations across the country.

Why now is a good time to start a side hustle

Many small businesses have come out of economic downturns. For aspiring entrepreneurs, there may be similar opportunities now, even amid the current pandemic and financial downturn. Find out why now may be the right time to start a side hustle.

​In the new Roaring '20s, consumers are stocking up on the products

Analysts can barely keep up with the skyward trajectory of online retail sales. The evidence is in the numbers. In 2020, more than 2 billion people worldwide bought goods and services online, spending $4.2 trillion. While the recent global pandemic has ignited the explosion in e-commerce, consumers have developed a fervent, enduring taste for online shopping.

Web pages

Retail Industry | Genpact

Let Genpact transform your customer experiences, back-office processes, and improve asset management and merchandising for your retail business.

Better World Initiative | Genpact

Digital transformation isn't just for Fortune 500 companies. Social enterprises tackling some of the world's most fundamental challenges can struggle to live up to their potential without the right technology, resources, and skills. At Genpact, our Better World Initiative lends our digital capabilities and process skills to the social sector at no cost, helping organizations reach more people and accelerate their impact on the planet.

Behind the scenes of Hiscox's new brand campaign: Dreams

To share the Hiscox story with our audience, we update our website, social media, and ads with a new look and feel every few years. This year, we kicked off 2021 with a new brand advertising campaign called Dreams, which celebrates the courageous moment when an entrepreneur takes a life-long dream and turns it into a full-time business.

Consumer Goods and Retail | Genpact

We accelerate process automation, supercharge artificial intelligence and analytics, and redesign customer experiences so businesses can thrive.

Reports and studies

Case Studies

Paving a smoother road to carbon neutrality

Challenge On the racetrack, Envision Racing competes to be the most successful team in the FIA Formula E World Championship. Off the track, Envision Racing is committed to the Race Against Climate Change, accelerating the transition to clean, secure, and affordable renewable energy. Thousands of fans have already pledged in solidarity to reduce their carbon footprint.

Turning access into impact | Genpact

Access is core to a new partnership we have with Positive Planet, an organization that promotes inclusive, sustainable economic growth and employment around the world. The collaboration between our two organizations is providing minority entrepreneurs with access to the training, skill-building, and network to help talented entrepreneurs amplify their impact.


What are small businesses doing to stay afloat? 3 Business owners share their stories

At a time when many of us are asking, "When will this be over?" it is comforting and encouraging to see how others are navigating this period from a professional and personal standpoint. Hiscox recently reached out to three of our customers to find out how they are adapting, what business as usual looks like right now, and even how their personal lives have been impacted.

A history of Black-owned businesses in the US

Black-owned businesses have a long and rich history in the United States. But today minority-owned businesses have a harder time getting access to capital and therefore have higher rates of failure compared to white-owned businesses. To put things in perspective, Black-owned businesses have been twice as likely to shut down because of the pandemic compared to small businesses overall.

How to start a home-based business

The workforce is changing dramatically with more people working and starting businesses from home. Working from home is attractive to many people because it can lead to more work-life balance. If you want to start a business from the comfort of your own home, we have the tools and tips you need to make that a reality.

Hiscox Latino Employee Network interviews up-and-coming Venezuelan Artist

The Hiscox Latino Employee Network (HLEN) recently hosted a live Zoom interview with up-and-coming artist, Leandro Comrie. The event was held to celebrate the last day of Hispanic Heritage Month (October 15th) and to hear the unique story of this Venezuelan painter. Leandro was born in Brooklyn, NY but grew up in Caracas, Venezuela.

How we're celebrating Hispanic communities beyond Hispanic Heritage Month

Para leer este blog en Español, haga click aquí. To celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15), we're shining a light on the Hiscox Latino Employee Network (HLEN) and the work they do at Hiscox and in local communities. However, we're not stopping there.

Video Scripts

Reducing workloads through automation at Mondelēz

Watch this video to learn how we partnered with Mondelēz International to combine machine learning, AI, and automation to reimagine the company's finance function. Through the power of tech, we reduced workloads for the finance team, freeing them up to tackle more valuable tasks, improving the company's ability to be more efficient, accurate, and compliant.

Building on a foundation of shared values | Genpact

When Asahi Beverages was looking for a partner for its business services center, it wanted a company that could not only deliver quality work but also demonstrate it had the courage and curiosity to improve the experience for its consumers, customers, and partners. And it found that partner in Genpact.

Making the consumer connection

The consumer goods industry is evolving. Consumers are more informed and selective about the goods they buy. They want brands to share their values as well as deliver exceptional user experiences. Genpact enables consumer goods organizations to reshape their operations around the consumer and focus on growth, innovation, and building brand preference.


Adelaide magazine
THIS WINTER by Bridget Kiley

THIS WINTER This winter, in collaboration with Covid-19 Bridget Kiley I never wore socks before quarantine, but now I seem to always be in need of them - digging to the bottom of drawers to find a match, looking through dirty laundry - sniffing out more socks.

Interview with NBCC Criticism Finalist Olivia Laing

Thanks to the cooperation of the National Book Critics Circle (NBCC) and Creative Writing at The New School, as well as the tireless efforts of our students and faculty, we are able to provide interviews with each of the NBCC Awards Finalists for the publishing year 2016.

Tina Cane is a New York City native whose latest book of poetry, Once More With Feeling from Veliz Books is a reflection of her life growing up in Hell's Kitchen and the East and West Villages