Brianna Lawson

Marketing Specialist

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Brianna is an online marketing specialist focused on developing and implementing email marketing promotions, campaigns and initiatives that drive traffic to client websites, digital publications, videos, social media, and other online properties. Brianna holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Marketing from the University of North Georgia and applies her fine arts skills to market all online projects creatively.


Articles/Blog Postings

Association Adviser
6 Tips to Delivering a Successful Webinar

After you've put together your webinar promotion strategy and have prepared all materials, you need to ensure that the delivery of your webinar is spot-on and that you're delivering the content you've promised.

Association Adviser
The Power of Visual Content in Association Communications

Visual content reaches an individual's brain in a quicker and more comprehensible way than text-only information. Your brain is hard-wired to identify and process visual information more efficiently than text-based information.

Association Adviser
Have You Ever Wondered Why People Uninstall Your Apps?

Although mobile apps are a relatively new member benefit for associations, most organizations realize apps are another valuable channel for sharing anything from event content to association news.

Association Adviser
How to Create Infographics That Will Engage Members

It's natural for people to be drawn to visual representations of content, rather than plain text. Why? Because visuals help eliminate text overload and offer a more engaging and easier way to recall information. Is your association taking advantage of infographics as a marketing tool?

Association Adviser
How Your Association Can Use Video To Engage Members

There's no doubt that video is a powerful communications tool. Using social media, email, digital publications and events to promote your videos will help you inform members of this wonderful benefit you offer. Video is a concise and exciting way to communicate with members.



Brianna Lawson
Email Samples

Small sampling of email campaigns I've written and created using various email platforms: MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact, and Eloqua.


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Monthly recap of happenings within WebTech and client news.

Press Releases

Brianna Lawson
Press Release Samples

Two press release samples: UNG Senior Exhibition and Attorney Mobile App.


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