Beatrix (Bea) Livesey-Stephens

Freelance Writer, Accessibility Consultant, and Event Producer

United Kingdom

I am a Linguistics student at the University of Aberdeen, where I am a senior committee member and accessibility consultant for the WayWORD Festival. I am a former member of the feminist arts collective Artificial Womb and ambassador for TABOU Disability Magazine. In June 2021 I created the Manifesto for Digital Arts Work Placements, a commission for NEoN Digital Arts. In August 2021, I joined the University of Nottingham and National Videogame Museum's research project 'Self-Care Jam', where I began a prototype visual novel, "can i talk to you about rest", as part of the research, which I am currently working on.

Artificial Womb
Trans experience through TTRPGs in 'Roll For Confidence'

I was ecstatic when indie visual novel game studio Toadhouse Games announced that they were releasing Roll for Confidence, a vignette about a Chinese-American trans woman playing tabletop roleplaying games in an arcade she runs. I had always wanted to see TTRPGs explored through the medium of videogames.

Artificial Womb
Navigating the complexities of reporting sexual assault in 'A Thousand Cuts'

Content warning: This article contains discussion of sexual assault and the criminal justice system. At the beginning of September, I finally finished Endgame Sequences, a collection of essays and illustrations about death, dying, and grief in games. An amazing read. When I looked at the author bios, I noticed that editor Elizabeth Ballou had been...

#GAConf: The Exemplar Accessible Conference - TABOU

The Gaming Accessibility conferences (GAConf) , hosted by the International Game Developers Association Gaming Accessibility Special Interest Group, have been huge highlights of the past year. The conference provides two days of talks and networking exploring recent and future advanceme

Artificial Womb
What the #ActiBlizzWalkout means to me as a woman who loved World of Warcraft

Content Warning: This article contains mention and discussion of suicide, sexual abuse, rape culture, and institutional and interpersonal misogyny and misogynoir. When I woke up on Thursday July 22nd, the first thing I did was check Discord. As sleep clouded my eyes, I read an announcement from an admin of a server I'm in.The...

North East of North
Manifesto chat with Bea - North East of North

Following on from our chat with Ailie Rutherford last week, we decided we like asking questions and having a snoop on your behalf, so this week we've got another lil interview for you.

Reflections from the 'Lessons Learned' STUC Conference

12th July 2021 The second Stammerers Through University Consultancy (STUC) Conference took place online in June. Here one of the speakers gives us a flavour of what happened. STUC is the network supporting students and staff in higher education, and the theme for their second conference was 'Lessons learned'.

Artificial Womb
Hopepunk at the Abertay Digital Graduate Showcase 2021

The Abertay Digital Graduate Show features a smorgasbord of brilliant projects. There are over 100 digital projects in the online exhibition, which spans videogames, interactive technologies, animation, digital design, and more. These are all created by the honours students at Abertay University's School of Design and Informatics.

North East of North
Manifesto for digital arts work placements - North East of North

As part of the ReGrowing Digital Arts research project with Dr Michael Pierre Johnson, a creative economy researcher based at the Innovation School, The Glasgow School of Art, NEoN recently appointed Beatrix Elizabeth Livesey-Stephens to develop a 'Manifesto for Digital Arts Work Placements' that can inform best practice across the digital arts creative and cultural →

Artificial Womb
"The past dwells within our algorithms"

On International Women's Day (March 8th), NEoN hosted a screening of Coded Bias, a documentary by Shalini Kantayya. Coded Bias explores the history and dangers, and biases of artificial intelligence (AI). It drives home the point that the reason algorithms are racist or sexist is because of the data that programmers feed them.

Artificial Womb
No story is too small: Becky Chambers in conversation with Laura Lam

I call Becky Chambers' Wayfarers series "queer domestic sci-fi." All of the space opera, but all of the internal monologue too. It's amongst my favourite book series ever, so naturally I was ecstatic when Waterstones announced a virtual talk between Becky Chambers and Laura Lam. Lam is the author of Goldilocks and the co-author of...

Artificial Womb
Amanda Gorman and the Collective Accountability of a Nation

There's a universal consensus that Amanda Gorman stole the show at Joe Biden's presidential inauguration. Her accomplishments are remarkable - at 22, she's the youngest board member of 826 National (the largest youth writing network in the United States) and has three books coming out. But what I loved about her reading that day, and...

Artificial Womb
Resurrecting The Dead [Women] Poets Of The Past: Origins of the Fire Emoji

Dead [Women] Poets Society has resurrected dead women poets at "séances" across the UK, since 2015. They ask contemporary poets to choose a dead woman poet that interests them, read their poems aloud, share their life, and respond to their work. Recently Dead [Women] Poets Society (run by Jasmine Simms, Helen Bowell, and Lily Arnold)...

Artificial Womb
Highlights From Hysteria's First Poetry Slam

Hysteria is an art collective and performance night featuring women, non-binary and trans creatives in Aberdeen, which held their first ever competitive poetry slam on Thursday 13 August over Zoom. Founded by Hanna Louise and Mae Diansangu, Hysteria prides itself on elevating marginalised voices. Since Hysteria hadn't been charging their regular fee for events over...

U-Lingua | Autumn 2020, Issue 2

In this, only the second, release of U-Lingua, we are bringing you a whole host of language and linguistics content to get excited about! From the introduction of a new section, 'A Hands-On Approach', which focuses on linguistic data and puzzles, to an interview with David J.

Artificial Womb
Changing the Climate of Autistic Representation One Children's Book At A Time

MOOJAG and the Auticode Secret is a children's book, but to me it felt like a children's book that adults were meant to read. The refreshing setting of a post-apocalyptic world without immediate danger allowed for the representation of autism and neurodivergence in a way I had never seen before.

Artificial Womb
Scottish International Queer Film Festival: A is for Asexual

The Glasgow Short Film Festival, as part of their series Dive In Cinema, released a programme of three short films for the Scottish International Queer Film Festival (SQIFF). According to SQIFF Technical Coordinator Marc David Jacobs, these short films redress the imbalances of mainstream asexual representation, which is almost all white and American.

Artificial Womb
Playing With The Challenges Of Disability

Disability Pride Brighton has been running for a few years and last month it went digital with the Disability Pride 2020 Online Festival. Founded by Jenny Skelton after a post calling out her daughter Charlie's disability-based discrimination went viral, the annual event was condensed into a two-and-a-half-hour livestream, which aired on July 12.

WayWORD Festival
Creative Arts Festival | WayWORD | Aberdeen

WayWORD is a student-led arts festival brought to you by the WORD Centre for Creative Writing, University of Aberdeen. Workshops, author events, panel discussions and performance nights are all FREE and live online, with BSL interpretation.

Artificial Womb
Who Has The Power & The Platform?

Game Assist is a multi-media project discussing accessibility and representation in video games. I interviewed the co-creators, Sara Khan (she/they) and Errol Kerr (he/him), shortly after Game Assist ended its year-long hiatus and two days before the release of their video '"Everything is Political" | Institutional Racism in Life is Strange 2' on YouTube.

U-Lingua | Summer 2020, Issue 1

The Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain is excited to release the first issue of its new magazine, U-Lingua! The magazine aims to provide entertaining and informative content to undergraduate students of linguistics in the U.K. and abroad.

Artificial Womb
From Hypermedia To Hardback Poetry

J.R. Carpenter's poetry collection This is A Picture of Wind began life as a web-based piece of the same name, which won the Opening Up Digital Fiction Competition People's Choice Award in 2018. Carpenter's work is concerned with hypermedia, text-based narratives, and the limits of writing, and in the online version of the work she was able...

Artificial Womb
'Competition Poetry For The Introverted'

"Competition poetry for the introverted," is how the Glasgow Women's Library pitched their first ever Calm Slam, a poetry competition for "every woman* who loves poetry but likes the quiet life," centred around the theme of speaking up. What I found especially interesting about the slam was the way these poets could use media to...

Young Poets Network
Ode to a Soup Dragon

Beatrix is commended in the nonsense poetry challenge on Young Poets Network, in partnership with Little Angel Theatre, London.

Artificial Womb
UK Asexual Conference 2019

I attended the second UK Asexuality Conference on Sunday June 23, organised by the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) founded by David Jay in 2001. The conference was held in the John McIntyre Conference centre in Pollock Halls in Edinburgh. At the opening, we were given the 'Shortest Asexual 101 Ever' by Michael Doré....

Artificial Womb
Hysteria: Riot Grrl Edition!

This was my third time going to a Hysteria night, and I can safely say the extra tag of riot grrl was well-deserved. The atmosphere of Hysteria is first and foremost a safe one, but with each performer, the safety continued to mingle with a wonderful patriarchy-smashing hardcore.

Artificial Womb
Feminist Events at the Edinburgh Fringe 2016

The Guilty Feminist with Sofie Hagen and Deborah Frances-White Comedians Sofie and Deborah will discuss topics all third-wave feminists agree on, while also confessing insecurities underlying their principles. This is a must for feminists who are looking to improve their knowledge in a light-hearted way. Aug 15-17, 22-24 4pm, 1 hour 15 mins 16+ Gilded...