Beatrix (Bea) Livesey-Stephens

Freelance Writer, Accessibility Consultant, and Event Producer

United Kingdom

I am a Linguistics student at the University of Aberdeen, where I am a senior committee member and accessibility consultant for the WayWORD Festival. I am a former member of the feminist arts collective Artificial Womb and ambassador for TABOU Disability Magazine. In June 2021 I created the Manifesto for Digital Arts Work Placements, a commission for NEoN Digital Arts. In August 2021, I joined the University of Nottingham and National Videogame Museum's research project 'Self-Care Jam', where I began a prototype visual novel, "can i talk to you about rest", as part of the research, which I am currently working on.

Artificial Womb
Trans experience through TTRPGs in 'Roll For Confidence'

I was ecstatic when indie visual novel game studio Toadhouse Games announced that they were releasing Roll for Confidence, a vignette about a Chinese-American trans woman playing tabletop roleplaying games in an arcade she runs. I had always wanted to see TTRPGs explored through the medium of videogames.

Artificial Womb
Navigating the complexities of reporting sexual assault in 'A Thousand Cuts'

Content warning: This article contains discussion of sexual assault and the criminal justice system. At the beginning of September, I finally finished Endgame Sequences, a collection of essays and illustrations about death, dying, and grief in games. An amazing read. When I looked at the author bios, I noticed that editor Elizabeth Ballou had been...

#GAConf: The Exemplar Accessible Conference - TABOU

The Gaming Accessibility conferences (GAConf) , hosted by the International Game Developers Association Gaming Accessibility Special Interest Group, have been huge highlights of the past year. The conference provides two days of talks and networking exploring recent and future advanceme

Artificial Womb
What the #ActiBlizzWalkout means to me as a woman who loved World of Warcraft

Content Warning: This article contains mention and discussion of suicide, sexual abuse, rape culture, and institutional and interpersonal misogyny and misogynoir. When I woke up on Thursday July 22nd, the first thing I did was check Discord. As sleep clouded my eyes, I read an announcement from an admin of a server I'm in.The...

North East of North
Manifesto chat with Bea - North East of North

Following on from our chat with Ailie Rutherford last week, we decided we like asking questions and having a snoop on your behalf, so this week we've got another lil interview for you.

Reflections from the 'Lessons Learned' STUC Conference

12th July 2021 The second Stammerers Through University Consultancy (STUC) Conference took place online in June. Here one of the speakers gives us a flavour of what happened. STUC is the network supporting students and staff in higher education, and the theme for their second conference was 'Lessons learned'.

Artificial Womb
Hopepunk at the Abertay Digital Graduate Showcase 2021

The Abertay Digital Graduate Show features a smorgasbord of brilliant projects. There are over 100 digital projects in the online exhibition, which spans videogames, interactive technologies, animation, digital design, and more. These are all created by the honours students at Abertay University's School of Design and Informatics.