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Currently the Director of Communications at Tentrr and have executed on brand strategies, partnerships, events, communications and press strategies. My favorite part of my job is coming up with a creative idea, putting together a team and executing on it – from piloting a partnership with Project Runway to take 15 designers camping and build an elevate runway to show their creations, to hiring a mosaic artist to create literal street art that encourages people to explore the outdoors around them, to hosting a secret pop-party/experience spread out over 100 acres for 250 guests.

Along with running all our media relations, I've also spearheaded Tentrr's partnerships with brands such as Soho House, The North Face, Beekman 1802, and Top Chef and worked with our Creative Director to develop the brand's unique identity and voice that is aspirational while being fun and approachable.

In previous roles on the agency side, I designed numerous experiences for press that were imaginative enough to grab the attention of top-tier reporters who are invited to openings and parties while also getting across the brand's values.



Swimming pools, RVs, farms and boats: Peer-to-peer rentals take cues from Airbnb

CLOSE Travel planning is becoming more streamlined to benefit both travelers and those looking to make extra cash. There are companies now that let travelers rent private pools, campsites, boats and outdoor recreation in an Airbnb-style fashion. In turn, owners can make money by being a host to underutilized pools, RVs, farms and vacant land used to host campsites.

The 'Airbnb of Camping' Is Bringing Glamping To State Parks

Michael D'Agostino's path to his camping empire was set early. Childhood. Growing up, D'Agostino would spend summer nights camping under the stars on a 100-acre farm in Litchfield, Connecticut. But as an adult working as an investment banker and then a New York Stock Exchange managing director, he realized not many other urbanites had access to open land.

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Ep 4: Survive in Style

The designers are whisked away from their urban creature comforts for a camping trip and challenged to create survival chic looks while embracing the wilderness. Their work room, the accessories wall and the runway itself have all been moved to the woods for this unconventional materials challenge like never before.

Tentrr is turning private land into glampgrounds, with the help of VCs

If you've ever gone camping and found yourself thinking it kind of sucks, likely because you're too close to other campers, you might be interested to learn about Tentrr, a three-year-old, 47-person company that's promising to make it "dirt simple" to enjoy the great o...

Rent a tent: Startup matches landowners with campers

BERLIN, N.Y. (AP) - The idea came to Michael D'Agostino as he was driving past a beautiful farm and imagined what it would be like to camp there. "It was a lightning-bolt moment," said D'Agostino, who left his job in finance three years ago to launch the startup Tentrr, which matches landowners looking for extra cash with vacationers yearning for solitude under the stars.

Camping Today: Goodbye Pup Tent; Hello Wi-Fi

The Getaway If you're planning to spend the last weeks of summer sleeping under the stars, you won't be alone. A new wave of campers is taking to the great outdoors, though you might not find them in A-frame tents.

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The 2018 World Changing Ideas Awards Finalists

GENERAL EXCELLENCE Judges recused themselves from deliberating on entries submitted by companies that they are funding or consulting with. George Aye, Cofounder and director of innovation, Greater Good Studio Sophie Bakalar, VC, Collaborative Fund Ryan Bethencourt, CEO, Wild Earth; investor, Babel Ventures Sebastian Buck, Cofounder, Enso Antionette Carroll, Founder, president, and CEO, Creative Reaction Lab Jay Coen Gilbert, Cofounder, B Lab Stephen D.
10 new glamping sites will hit Maine state parks next month

They come equipped with a wood stove, fire pit, benches, and Adirondack chairs. "Stylish" may not be the first word associated with campsites, but that could change around Maine state parks soon. As part of a new partnership between the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry (DACF) and camping and outdoors start-up Tentrr, ten fully-equipped campsites will be installed around the state lands this season.

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Tentrr Will Help You Find Your Dream Campsite

After battling city traffic, we arrived at our campsite in Catskills, New York late, which usually would have meant a settling for a bad spot and pitching our tent with a headlamp. But this wasn't a regular campsite, but rather, a private plot of land that we had booked through Tentrr, an Airbnb-like service that provides well-equipped sites on private property throughout the Northeast.

Last-Minute Trips to Catch the Fall Foliage | Goop

An Indian summer on both coasts has kept leaves on the trees later than usual, and since the possibility of foliage-ending snow is never far from our minds, we've rounded up the best hotels (with availability) on both coasts for a last-minute, leaf-peeping getaway.


First Glampsites Coming to State Parks | GearJunkie

Canvas-wall tents with queen-size bunk beds, wood stoves, and more are coming to Maine state parks. Maine wants more people to trade a few nights in hotel linens for a weekend in sleeping bags. And to make it happen, the state will partner with glampsite curator Tentrr to install 10 fully equipped sites within the Maine state park system.

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Get more access to the USA's backcountry on this campsite-booking website

Backcountry campers may head into the wilderness for a chance to disconnect, but technology can first play a vital role in finding the perfect spot to pitch a tent in the US. Tentrr is a website that lets campers rent fully set-up camping and glamping sites on private land, similar to Airbnb.
Tentrr is spreading the gospel of glamping in California

If a New York company has its way, there will be more than a thousand new campgrounds in California next year - each with only one campsite. The company, Tentrr, installs standardized "glamping" campsites on remote, private land, including ranches and family farms, that might otherwise go unused.

This new app wants to be the Uber of camping

for Bloomberg According to a report by the Outdoor Foundation, Americans log 598 million nights a year under the stars. At an average of $40 in expenses and fees per night, that's $24 billion spent on campsites alone. Add in all the related costs-gear, transportation, food-and the Outdoor Industry Association figures the industry generates closer to $167 billion annually.

Axios PM

Situational awareness: Four of the 102 migrant children under five years old have been reunited with their parents in compliance with a court order, and 34 more will be reunited today, the Trump administration told reporters this afternoon. Go deeper.

Check Out the Airbnb Camping Experience for Owners and Their Dogs

This story originally appeared on This Dog's Life It should be simple: human and dog spending the night together under the stars. That's what Michael D'Agostino, who was working at the New York Stock Exchange, figured when he left for a camping trip with his wife and their dog.

The Rise of the Stressed-Out Urban Camper

New Yorkers are increasingly desperate to get back to nature. And if that means "glamping" at a $650-a-night campsite inside the city limits - well, it's a start. "The views are fantastic," said Damon Willmott of Brooklyn, who had booked two tents for his family of four on Governors Island.

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This Camping Startup Is Like Airbnb For Sleeping Under The Stars

In theory, camping is a cheap, low-maintenance option for total seclusion. But in practice, it's not so simple: you'll need a car, a tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, a lantern, some cooking equipment. If you don't already have that stuff, your camping trip will quickly add up to double the cost of a cushy cabin or a rental on Airbnb.

How Rob Corddry Became Hollywood's Most Lovable Asshole

In the last decade, Corddry has established himself as the best at being a dick. Offscreen, though, he's a real Boy Scout kinda guy. (Technically, an Eagle Scout.) Which makes you wonder: how did he become Hollywood's most in-demand, exuberant jerk? We spent a night in the woods with him to find out.

No tent, no problem: These companies will help you go camping without any of the fuss

Camping is a classic American past time, but one that hasn't evolved much. "Campgrounds are legacy industries that haven't changed since the Civil War," Michael D'Agastino, founder of camping company Tentrr, said in an interview, calling the basic infrastructure of camping "broken." "It's bereft of technology and in a dramatic need of an update," he said.
Here, there, and everywhere: Gadgets and more for travelers - The Boston Globe

SHEEP AND FIBER ARTS FEST IN VT. Kickoff the fall festival season in the rolling hills of Vermont at the 29th Annual Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival (Sept. 30-Oct. 1). Set in the expansive Tunbridge Fairgrounds, the weekend event showcases small farmers and handcrafters, with an emphasis on businesses that grow and create with natural fibers.

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6 Things to Do When You Need a Break From New York City

One of the best things about living in New York City happens to be how easy it is to get away, thanks to the solid network of local and regional transportation and a flurry of clever companies and programs designed to get New Yorkers out of the city.

Time Out New York
The best places to go glamping near NYC

There are plenty of in New York City, but sometimes you really just have to get out of town. Whether you want to escape to nature for a long week or just go for quick things to do outside weekend trip, read on for our list for the best places to go glamping near NYC, from to lakeside properties.

New York Today: Are Electric Scooters Legal?

New York Today Updated, 10:38 a.m. Good morning on this sparkling Thursday. The West Coast is abuzz with electric scooters - standing scooters, like a Razor, but with a motor - and we've started seeing them around New York City. So what's the deal: Are they legal here?

Camping Tips for People Who Hate Camping

"A few years ago I went on a particularly awful camping trip," says Michael D'Agostino. "My wife and I got the last slot at a packed campsite in the Catskills and ended up being next to the bathrooms. Along with people passing through our campsite to use the facilities, a group of Wiccans was throwing a wild party that lasted all night.

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Startup betting Maine is ready for its Airbnb-style comfy campsites

A New York tech startup is betting a multimillion-dollar expansion on urbanites looking for a weekend of semi-rustic camping in Maine. Tentrr moved into Maine last summer with a handful of tent sites and now has built almost 30 across the state with 15 more in development.

The sharing economy is transforming sustainability

Sharing has always been a part of human society. But in recent years, the internet and smartphones have made sharing easier than ever. You can rent a room in someone's home, hire a ride from a stranger, borrow a power tool ...


Camping just got as easy as ordering take-out.

You Can Rent Out Your Stuff And Make Extra Cash Fast - Here's How

Earning extra money on the side is always a great idea. It can help you pay down your debt, save more for your future and reach goals you've been striving toward for years. However, starting a side hustle can also take a lot of time and effort.

What's in Chef Erik Blauberg's Bag

When chef Erik Blauberg leads groups of travelers on luxury, food-based vacations, his bag holds a mix of kitchen tools and be-prepared-for-anything gadgets.

For Some Job Seekers, Success. For Others, Still Waiting.

Graduates around the country are receiving diplomas and sending out résumés. An article this week described how job prospects differ greatly depending on whether you graduated from college or high school - or not at all. We asked some recent graduates to share their job-hunting experiences with us.

Kyocera Torque and Sonim XP Strike are tough cellphones

CLOSE Don't repeat this stunt with Apple's iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy. But I took a cellphone, laid it on a road and drove a Honda Accord over it. The phone didn't show a scratch, much less suffer any other detectable damage. I made a call on it moments after.

Sonim XP Strike (Sprint)

Dropping your phone is the worst. It almost always lands face down, which only prolongs the moment of dread you feel as you reach for it, muttering a prayer the screen hasn't been shattered into hundreds of pieces.

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Innovation Lab Job Placement Center Opens in Industry City

SUNSET PARK - A new employment center at Sunset Park's Industry City could help locals find a job in one of the hundreds of businesses based in the massive complex or along the waterfront. The 7,700-square-foot center, called "The Innovation Lab," will open to the public Monday on the second floor of 87 35th St.

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Air Canada Enroute
Happy Trails

Social adventuring platforms make it easy to camp out anywhere

Connecticut Magazine
Roughing It Redefined

Tentrr featured in Conneticut Magazine's May Issue


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Glamping With A View

Want to go camping but have the same amenities as being at home? Then you'll love glamping! Ashley checks out two glamping destinations.

What is 'glamping'?

Just imagine it, a luxurious room on an island, with chef-prepared meals and a view of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. Hotel? Not exactly. It's actually a campground of high-end tents on New York City's Governors Island, the latest o

Land owners find ways to profit from secluded back acres

Kurt Schneider's property sits on the shores of Lake Hortonia , land the Vermonter has enjoyed for over 40 years. "I have always really enjoyed these woods," said land owner Kurt Schneider. Now retired, Schneider says he's open to new opportunities.

Camping made easy in the Poconos

Many people like camping, but some don't want to spend the money buying equipment and setting it up. A company, new to our area, wants to make the process much easier.