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Stuck on the JC merry-go-round: running in circles for financial aid

I'm finally off of academic suspension after two years of dealing with dispassionate office workers, being told to submit, resubmit, then unsubmit missing paperwork that I wasn't given to begin with or that someone misplaced, all due to bureaucracy. I hate dealing with bureaucracy. It's a soulles

Webcomics for beginners [Review]

Do you love comic books and manga but can't afford to keep up with your favorite characters? Here are the top five free webcomics that you can read right now. #5: Looking For Group (LFG) A heroic elven hunter, his kill-happy undead warlock friend and an ill-tempered priestess head on a straightforward generic fantasy quest based off of World of Warcraft.

Trivia for the win: Comic shop hosts geeky get-together

Comics FTW (For the Win) is a comic book shop that's been in business for four years, selling comics and figures as well as hosting Geek Trivia Nights every Saturday or occasionally Friday. The events can be themed, depending on the holiday or what's coming out in the "nerd-dom" at the time.

Saturday night's all right (for stabbing) [Review]

Made by Avalon Hill and now owned and published by Wizards of the Coast, "Betrayal at House on the Hill," is a semi-cooperative horror strategy tabletop game where you and up to six of your friends go into an old house on an creepy hill on a Saturday night, just like Scooby-Doo trying solve a mystery.

A good day for a run [Game Review]

"Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut" is a classic cyberpunk world of megacorps with standing armies, robot limbs and everything microchipped - but it takes things a step further. In 2012, magic is reintroduced to the world. North America splits into smaller countries as super-powered Native Americans take back their homeland from the U.S.

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Batman vs. Superman, dawn of boredom

"Batman V Superman," one of the most hyped comic book movies of the year, was announced back in 2013 as not only a sequel to "Man of Steel" but the start of DC's cinematic universe, as DC is currently playing catch up to Marvel.

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Rosa's Best - Time to Get Out & About

Photo by Courtney Paige/Oak Leaf Flower shop - City 205 Flowers 205 Fifth St. (707) 525-8318 Whether your favorite foliage arrangements are roses and branches, succulents and cranberries or daises and bushes, City 205 Flowers in Santa Rosa's historical landmark Railroad Square will create the perfect posy for any soiree.

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The dub/ sub debate

I have been a fan of anime for years, gone to anime conventions and been in anime clubs where the golden rule is to watch with subtitles only. It's easier to multitask during dubbed anime because you can listen to it. I'm a busy guy with work and school.

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New SRJC parking lot now open

Across the street from Santa Rosa Junior College and adjacent to Ike's sandwich shop stands a new SRJC parking lot on Mendocino Avenue with 43 spaces. Parking will be for culinary students only from 7 a.m.