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Writer, Merchandise Buyer, Pen Expert, NBA Superfan

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I’m a budding writer who started off in the world of diplomacy and international relations. Then I realized you can’t always argue your way out of a global disaster, even with a PowerPoint presentation filled with statistics, colorful infographics and the soothing accompaniment of a Toni Braxton love ballad.

I moved into corporate retail because I enjoy the creativity of designing assortments of items that I think other people would buy. Turned out I was pretty good at it. I worked for 7 years at a corporate retailer (Follett), boosted sales and fantasized about writing.

I know a lot about school supplies, writing utensils and journals, since I focused on those categories for years. I became a closet hoarder of pens and journals, as I do believe the power of the pen will save the universe one day. Journaling is therapeutic and helpful for thought exercises in both a personal and professional capacity.

I moonlight as a sports opinionator who engages other fan subscribers on The Athletic for the Golden State Warriors mostly, and sometimes the Chicago Bulls. I analyze team and player stats for purposes of debating with other superfans. I write discussion pieces that incorporate video clips and stats to emphasize my points. If you're a subscriber to The Athletic, then find me at abelle o.

This profile pic is a shot chart of Steph Curry's made 3-pointers (shouts to @kirkgoldsberry). Like a supernova, he can explode.

I can write funny, interesting and data-driven pieces. I occasionally traipse into the whimsical and absurd, if the occasion calls for it. Serious and convincing pieces cost more time. But they can be done. For all of this, I bring commitment, professionalism (surprise!) and integrity to my projects.

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Discussion pieces designed to engage fan subscribers on The Athletic

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