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I care deeply about connecting people - growing a community of customers, and developing an environment in which ideas can germinate and prosper. I believe that innovation and disruption of previous hierarchical, communication and management systems allows for rapid, fair and equitable growth and goes some way to levelling the disparities colonialism erected. I believe that cultural innovation achieves this. When you bring something of value to the consumer they will identify with it resulting in commercial value and business. It takes hard work to bring a consumer and an idea together, which is where I come in.

Inside Out
Luxury Homes

Luxury Cape Town home, published in top tier UAE publication

Encounters | Umbilical Cords | Mahala

by Tara Fataar / 24.06.2012 Sarah Ping Ni Jones started making the self-reflective documentary, Umbilical Cords years before she realized how the unfolding of real-life events would have a major effect on the tension of the film and on the course of her and co-film-maker and boyfriends Jean's life.

Habitat Magazine South Africa
OKHA's Magnifico Coffee & Side Table - Habitat Magazine South Africa

Adam Court, responsible for all furniture design by artisanal luxury brand OKHA, immediately fell in love with the "Verde Magnifico" marble when he saw it; the marbles visible layers of history speak to OKHA's South African locality of cosmopolitan, polyglot and multi-cultural charm. Court conceived of Magnifico side and Magnifico coffee table together.

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Opinion (Design trends)

Super Stellar Candle Holders by Adam Court

A group of objects based on the principle that 1 + 1 = 3. The dynamics of opposing forces: two intersecting flat planes collide to create new perspectives & alternative dimensions. Brutalist forms inspired by Louis Kahn, Carlo Scarpa, Richard Serra.

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