Andrew Madison

Writer/Editor for The Dish Wisconsin, Cook, Baker

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I'm a graduate of UW-Madison, B.A. in Communications and Political Science, writer and editor for The Dish, an occasional journalist for Madison365, a baker, and a cook.

I first formally explored my love of writing during my years in college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and through an internship at Madison365. There, I was given the opportunity to research and write pieces highlighting the amazing stories of other people of color who've had significant impacts on the communities of Wisconsin.

After that beautiful experience, I went on to dive headfirst into my writing, searching for a new opportunity to grow. During this search, I found a way to mesh my love of both writing and cooking through one publication—The Dish Wisconsin. The Dish is a food magazine, and it is there that I've really begun to love not only writing my own work, but the entire process of writing and producing a publication. I began as a writer, but eventually became the Features Editor. This position allowed me much more hands on experience with the magazine's production, and helping build the publication has been an honor.

Now, I'm looking forward to applying what I've learned in college and through my work with these publications to new opportunities to write and edit, and I am excited to learn much more in the future.

Below is a collection of some of the work I've done in various capacities, ranging from lighthearted food-related articles to engaging political analysis. Please enjoy reading what interests you!


Work as a Writer/Editor at The Dish

The Dish-Wisconsin
Macha Tea Co. : the Community Tea House

Written by Andrew Madison, Features Editor. Places that inspire and provide community are becoming more valuable than ever. We live in a time when, more often than not, it seems our differences are emphasized, instead of our similarities. Considering this, it's important to have a place to sit, share experiences with others, and remind ourselves...

The Dish-Wisconsin
A Five Course Meal For Your Extra Orchard Apples

Written by Andrew Madison. Photographed by Erika Aoyagi. As the wind grows sharper and the leaves turn orange, apple orchards around Madison open their gates. People flock to them to stroll between the beautiful trees, take pictures with red noses, and pick apples with gloved hands.

Work as a Journalist at Madison365

"Make a Life:" Remembering Vel Phillips

To people in Wisconsin, Vel Phillips is known as a civil rights pioneer and community leader. But who was she to those who knew her best? Millie Coby, a close friend of the Phillips family, told me she met Vel as a teenager. She said that from the moment she met her, she was an inspiration.

Coursework & Resume

UW-Madison (Classwork)
Lucrezia’s ​"Mandragola"—A Silent Puppet Master

A piece discussing the intricacies of Machiavelli's comedy "Mandragola", in which I examine why those who seem to be the main characters are not truly the ones controlling the story's events.

UW-Madison (Classwork)
China: a Rising World Hegemon

A research paper discussing the development of China as a world power, in which I was challenged to write a piece convincing the reader that China's development is leading to their eventual world hegemony. I also wrote an accompanying paper that challenged me to do the exact opposite.

Andrew Madison

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