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I am an experienced freelance editor and writer with a diverse portfolio of clients across online, print, brand, and social media channels. I work on both editorial and commercial websites, including blog, SEO, CRM and strategy.

Bylines include ASOS, Feelunique, POPSUGAR, Citizen Femme, Hip + Healthy, Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, Woman & Home, and more.

Do You Know What SPF Stands For? Dermatologists Explain What It Actually Means

You've heard it so many times before - wear SPF every day, come rain or shine, and even when you're indoors. But do you know what your SPF really means? Sunscreen, as any expert will tell you, is paramount to protect your skin and cells against harmful UV exposure, as well as guard against premature signs of ageing.

Fake Tan Serums Are the Best New Way to Self-Tan Your Face Without Clogging Pores

These days, fake tan comes in a variety of different forms - mousse, lotion, gel, spray, oil you name it. Well, now there's a new type of self-tanner on the market to acquaint yourself with: fake tan serums, a new crop of hybrid skin care/self-tan formulas that are quickly turning the tanning world on its head.

These 6 Self-Care Remedies Are My Go-To Mood Boosters Right Now

Sometimes, a little self-care goes a long way. Whether it's sinking into the tub with your bath oils or lighting a candle to boost your mood, it's the small things that really make a difference to how we feel. This rings true more than ever right now when many of us are feeling a laundry list of emotions; Stressed?

The Best Routine For Your Skin Type

Your skin query: dry skin Dry, rough skin can have many environmental causes (the weather being the main offender), but it's easy to add moisture to the skin using a few key ingredients: hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water

In Conversation With Rejina Pyo

Rejina Pyo is a superwoman. In a flash, the Korean-born designer has become one of London’s luminaries, dressing (and empowering) strong, like-minded women near and far. In fact, celebrating individuality seems forever on the

Citizen Femme
The Beauty Brands Making A Difference - Citizen Femme

Right now, beauty brands of all shapes and sizes are coming together-whether it's creating skincare essentials in aid of COVID-19 or finding new ways to be more sustainable, the industry is stepping up in more ways than one. The word 'community' is one we've been hearing a lot lately and aptly describes the beauty industry right now.

Trending: AW18's Cult Bags to Wishlist Now

WORDS BY AMELIA BELL What do all cult bags have in common right now? Ironically, it's individuality. A wave of niche bag brands is getting some serious fanfare thanks to a unique formula: innovation plus Insta-fame, a dash of diversity, all tied up in a super cool accessible handbag.

LFW Makeup Heroes | Feelunique

Amid the frenzy of new trends at London Fashion Week, let's not forget about the everyday makeup heroes - like the primer that keeps makeup in place or the concealer that will camouflage the darkest of circles. These cult products are essential whether you're on - or, more likely - off the runway.

These Are the Most Uplifting Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Digitally speaking, podcasts have been around for ages, and yet they've never felt more current, and necessary, during life in lockdown. That's because right now, our favourite podcasters are releasing special episodes on the impact of COVID-19, providing solace amidst the pandemic by calling upon everything from mental health to anxiety...

Talking Natural Beauty and Wellness With BYBI

BYBI co-founders Elsie Rutterford and Dominika Minarovic are on a mission. It started with a simple interest in wellness, followed by a blog, then a book deal, and has now resulted in their very own skincare brand: BYBI, short for By Beauty Insiders.

Beauty Kitchen: A New Vision For Sustainable Beauty

How does Beauty Kitchen strive to be sustainable? 'There's no such thing as waste in our view. For example, all of our packaging has recently been relaunched to be fully reusable. So, once you've finished a product, you send the empties back to us and we take the label off and recycle it for you..

SPF: What You Need To Know To Protect Your Skin

How can we incorporate an SPF into our skincare routine? 'According to the World Health Organisation, up to 90% of the visible changes commonly attributed to ageing may be caused by sun exposure, so SPF should always be part of your daily skincare routine.

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
Hotel Review: Château La Chenevière, Normandy in France

Tapping into the charm of Normandy's countryside, Château La Chenevière hotel is surrounded by rose-filled gardens, a permaculture plot brimming with fruits and vegetables, and characterful rooms decorated with floral furnishings...

The Biggest Skincare Buzzwords for 2019

With so many unique names surfacing right now - bakuchiol, marula oils, plant-derived squalane - plus heaps of old favourites cropping up in fresh iterations, we're going to need a new skincare dictionary for 2019.

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
Spa Review: The Spa At Mandarin Oriental

An iconic landmark in the heart of London, the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park holds a prime position in stylish Knightsbridge, an apt setting for the decadent, 115-year old building that boasts stone turrets and top hat clad butlers in red tails.

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
Hotel Review: Bless Hotel Ibiza, Cala Nova

Think of Ibiza and two things usually spring to mind - the hedonistic south and holistic north. Bless Hotel Ibiza, a new hotel situated on the eastern fringe of the Balearic Islands, finds itself, figuratively and literally, somewhere in the middle.

Reformation has Landed in Europe

Luxury fashion at your fingertips Stop what you're doing: Reformation has landed on British soil. Since the cult LA brand first launched in 2009, I've waited - as any diehard fan would - days, months, years, for Reformation to cross the Atlantic. That day is finally here.

Skincare Ingredients, Decoded By The Experts

When it comes to skincare right now, innovation is the word on everybody’s lips. From customised and scientific formulas to naturally derived alternatives, things are getting more exciting (and advanced) by the minute

Everything You Need To Know About Foundation

Ah, foundation. Where do we even begin? Undertones, application, tools, shades... These are just a few of the dilemmas we face when it comes to finding the one that's unique to our skin. Then there's the formula and finish: powder or liquid, matte or dewy - the possibilities are endless.


How do BECCA's brand values resonate with you? Becca is committed to inclusivity in every way. Whatever your face shape or colouring, everyone can find their perfect glow ritual and channel their inner light to create a glow that's not just on the outside...

The Best K-beauty Brands To Discover Now

From supercharged skincare to the famous 10-step routine, plus every mask you could ever dream of, K-beauty has innovation written all over it. And this is certainly true of the latest...

The Biggest Face Mask Trends To Know Right Now

Australian pink clay Emma Hardie 's latest innovation earns its stripes thanks to its stash of rich ingredients, like moringa seed oil, plus heaps of skin-boosting vitamins. The real attraction, though, is Australian pink clay, which, unlike most clays, actually helps improve moisture levels.

ASOS Chats To Bulldog Skincare's Founder, Simon Duffy

Is there a hero product? 'Each of these products has been created to wake up your complexion, but my personal favourites are the Energising Moisturiser and Energising Mask. The gel-like formula in the moisturiser is hydrating and refreshing, while the non-bleached sheet mask is

Celebrating 25 years of American Crew

Perhaps you’ve been using American Crew’s long-admired hair 'Fibers' for years, but you might not know the story (and the man) behind the brand. Let’s journey back to 1994, when David Raccuglia, a trained hairdresser and photographer, started up an innovative grooming brand...

bareMinerals Has Landed On ASOS

When bareMinerals burst onto the scene with its original, loose-powder mineral foundation, it was all anyone could talk about: great makeup with all the benefits of skincare. And now, with news of the cult Californian brand coming to ASOS this January - the time when, let's face it, our skin

Genderless Fragrance: Meet Kierin NYC

KIERIN NYC does things differently. Just landed on ASOS, the gender-inclusive, vegan fragrance brand captures the essence of New York City via scent stories – from the earl-grey-infused Sunday Brunch, to the sweet and spicy aroma of Nitro Noir...

The Rules Of J-beauty And What You Need To Know

J-beauty (aka Japanese beauty) isn't your average skincare. Inspired by nature and backed by science, it involves homegrown ingredients that have been used in Japanese rituals for centuries, combined with the most innovative modern formulas.

Michael Halpern and Sarah Harris Talk Minimalism and Maximalism

You've previously said 'it's like a split personality; dressing should be how you can be different people', how so? Michael Halpern: Now that people are living in the clothing outside of the runway, it's so exciting to see how women interpret Halpern in their own way.

Discover Clinique ID: The Latest Personalisation In Skincare

So, how does it all work? Firstly, you can select one of three Dramatically Different hydrating bases - the hydrating jelly, the signature moisturising lotion or an oil-control gel. Next up, choose one of five rainbow-hued active concentrate cartridges, which all address a specific skin type.

On-the-go Skincare: Your AM To PM Guide

We all know the recipe for healthy-looking skin - more sleep, better skincare, plenty of superfoods - but keeping it up IRL isn't always as easy as it sounds. That's where My Clarins comes in. The latest plant-based skincare by the brand gives you a fresh glow thanks to a zero-fuss, anti-stress regime.

Why I Love... Missoni, by Italian Vogue's Chiara Totire

For Vogue Italia's Chiara Totire, Missoni is very much a family affair - as it is, incidentally, a family brand. Ignited by her mother's love for the heritage label, Missoni's colourful melange of kaleidoscopic, zigzag pattern always evokes a sense of nostalgia.

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
Hotel Review: La Ferme Saint Siméon, Honfleur, Normandy in France

It's not every day a hotel has a bedroom that once belonged to Claude Monet, perhaps one of the most illustrious impressionists of all time. In a former life, La Ferme Saint Siméon was home to aspiring artists (today some of the biggest names in impressionism) who painted the surrounding countryside, coastlines, and shifting skies in their early works.

On the Radar: What's Happening During SS19 Fashion Month

WORDS BY AMELIA BELL Who could have predicted the Queen would grace the front row of Richard Quinn's AW18 runway? Or that Burberry would have draped Cara Delevingne in a rainbow-hued cape. Not forgetting the breakthroughs - Quinn, Marine Serre and Eckhaus Latta - who, almost overnight, became the talk of the industry.

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
Hotel review: TRS Cap Cana Hotel, Dominican Republic

A short 10-minute drive from Punta Cana International Airport lies Cap Capa, the exclusive resort town situated on the eastern shores of the Dominican Republic. Home to deserted beaches with sugar-like sand and more palm trees than people, Cap Cana's

Sunday Scroll: The Designers Doing The Best Swimwear

WORDS BY AMELIA BELL Swimwear 's had a shake-up. No rules, no trends, just a whole lot to feel good about: motifs to put a smile on your face, subtly improved shapes and heaps of bright colour. In short, they're the ultimate upper. Here's the names we're loving now.

Meet Designer Heron Preston

Heron Preston is a man of many talents; a former DSNY artist, current proprietor of a global retail pop-up store and one-time Kanye collaborator. More importantly, his eponymous label, known for its streetwear and slogan tees, harnesses the myriad of

In Conversation With Sies Marjan

Meet designer Sander Lak - the man behind the New York label that's lifting everyone's mood. Launched in New York, Sies Marjan is the confetti-coloured, ebullient label that's earned the designer this year's CFDA award for emerging talent. The latest collection embodies his fascination for colour - ombré shades offset with dusty greens and icy blues, appearing like an intense dream.

The Christian Dior, Designer Of Dreams Opens Its Doors

WORDS BY AMELIA BELL Right now, all eyes are on Dior. With a newly appointed artistic director, the return of the iconic noughties Saddle bag, and most recently, news of the largest ever Dior exhibition at London's V&A museum - it's all we can talk about.

The Brands Leading The Logomania Wave

This season, the power of the logo has reached fever pitch. Best served head-to-toe and drenched in irony (see: 'Guccy'), SS18's logomania continues the wave of Nineties nostalgia - even the labels who don't do logos are doing them now. Get to know the designers leading the way...

Trending: The Best Of This Season's New Coats

WORDS BY AMELIA BELL The bad news? Less sunlight, looming temperature drops means peak hibernation season is nearing. The good news? It's also the best time (and excuse) to reignite your love for outerwear. And this season's heavy hitters are far too good to be cooped up inside.

RE-DOING DENIM: Meet Co-founder Sean Barron

A frustrating hunt for the perfect pair of vintage jeans led friends Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur to get creative. The result? RE/DONE - the sustainable LA-based label carving out a new identity for heritage brands

Meet Rising Design Star Natasha Zinko

Her designs may have already caught your eye, but did you know that emerging fashion star Natasha Zinko is quite the polymath? The Ukranian-born, London-based designer is a trained lawyer turned jeweller,as well as a dexterous watercolour painter.

Spotlight On Madrid: What to See And Do In The Capital

From cool Chueca to stylish Salamanca, Madrid is home to some endlessly eclectic neighbourhoods – one minute you'll find yourself lost in traditional architecture and local tapas bars, and the next surrounded by trendy roof terraces and modern art. And the same goes for the style here

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