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Amber Kelner

Word Nerd: Content Creator & Copy Editor

Location icon United States

I love words. Writing them, reading them, editing them - all things I not only do every day, but truly enjoy doing every day. A degree in journalism and years of experience later, I'm looking for a way to make your voice heard and improve on YOUR words, whether it be through writing or editing.

Digital Marketing Company Website
Creating Your Marketing Strategy

A piece I did for a Digital Marketing Company explaining how they work to create an effective marketing strategy for their clients.

Plastic Surgeon's Website
The History of Botox

Blog entry for a plastic surgeon talking about the interesting and varied history of Botox.

Recovery Center Website
What is Methamphetamine?

One of several pages for an addiction recovery client. This one focuses on Meth - the history, how it is made and the effects on an addict.

Plastic Surgeon's Website
Breast Augmentation

Procedure page for a plastic surgeon explaining the options available and processes associated with breast augmentation surgery.

Interventional Radiology Website
Mesenteric Artery Ischemia

Procedure page for an Interventional Radiology practice explaining what the condition is and how to treat it effectively.