Allyson Priano

Senior Copywriter / Content Specialist, Universal Technical Resource Services, Inc.

Location icon United States of America

I am a senior copywriter and social media manager that specializes in marketing content. Words, creative writing, and fitness are my passions. Helping clients reach their full branding and marketing potential through clear, poignant messaging is what I do!

Want to see more of my work or learn about my writing and editing background? Drop me a line at [email protected]!


Client Content and Publications / Freelance Samples

LabTech in Your Life Virtual Experience
Virtual Experience and Marketing Launch Content

Developed branding message and created virtual experience recorded introduction and technology description content for LabTech in Your Life, along with a separate landing page ( Also created, deployed and managed email and social media marketing campaigns. LabTech in Your Life is a virtual experience that reveals the everyday places and spaces where you find and interact with federal technologies. Now federal agencies and...

FLC Business Flyer
Content Creation and Organization

Created marketing and informational copy for flyer and worked with designers on graphic content placement for FLC Business - a comprehensive database of federal laboratory resources.

FLC Brochure
Content Creation and Organization

Developed, drafted and edited copy for brochure and collaborated with design team to create 201 FLC Brochure for client.

An Essential Guide to the 2018 FLC National Meeting
Content Creation and Organization

Developed, drafted, and edited all content for the "Know Before You Go" guide to the 2018 FLC national meeting.
FLC Website Content

Developed, wrote and edited all evergreen page content for the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) organization's website - Currently, I refresh all evergreen copy as needed and write and maintain the FLC news section of the FLC website.

2016 FLC Annual Report to the President and Congress
Content Creation and Organization

Developed publication theme, wrote and edited content, captions, and collected featured images for the FLC's 2016 Annual Report to the President and Congress.

2015 FLC Planner
Content Creation and Editing

A collection of images from the federal laboratory system. Took part in image selection and edited all submission captions, and planner content.

"What is Technology Transfer?"
Video Script

Develop, write and edit video script for FLC video, "What is Technology Transfer?" Video aims to explain the technology transfer process and help audiences, particularly business professionals, understand the kind of impact federal research, technology development, and commercialization can have on our economy and everyday lives. To view the video in it's finished product, visit

FLC Social Media
Social Media Management

Manage social media posts, campaigns (paid and organic), engagement and analytics for the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC). Twitter: @federallabs Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: @federallabs YouTube:

Uncanny Fitness
Ain't Too Proud to Scale - Uncanny Fitness

By: Allyson Priano I've heard uttered before a CrossFit workout at Uncanny that "the workout isn't worth doing unless it's performed Rx." Upon hearing this statement, two things ran through my mind: 1.) wait, did someone really just say that? 2.) they obviously don't understand why and how they should probably scale this workout.

Uncanny Fitness
Member of the Month: Priscilla Aguirre - Uncanny Fitness

Every month we'll be featuring an Uncanny member who the coaches have noticed go the extra mile inside the gym. This person always shows up to class on time, if not early, puts in the work before, during and after classes. And, they are a joy to be around.

UTRS, Inc. & Divisions

UTRS Core Capabilities Flyer
Content Creation

Developed, drafted, and edited content for UTRS capabilities slipsheet.

UTRS, Inc. Runs to Support The Mission Continues in Philadelphia's Broad Street Run
Press Release

When UTRS, Inc. asked a group of its employees to run in Philadelphia's 2014 Blue Cross Broad Street 10-mile race on May 4, the reactions were, well, rather mixed. With responses ranging from "you're kidding, right?" and "it's how many miles?"

WBAT-FAS Website
Content Creation

Created written copy and collaborated in content design and organization for the WBAT for Aviation Safety Inc. website -

RKR Hess Blog
PA DEP Financial Requirements for Private Dams

In a recent Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) informational meeting sponsored by Rep. Rosemary Brown (R-Monroe/Pike), DEP representatives discussed the annual permit fee imposed on dam owners to cover a portion of the DEP costs to administer the Dam Safety program and the fiscal responsibility regulations.

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