Alex Lopez


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I'm an undergrad attending University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, interested in a career in technical writing. I'm majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology with a minor in Writing.

Technical Writing Blog [WIP, placeholder link/name]

A blog where I humorously analyze and critique the technical documents around me. I examine a variety of types of technical documents across different posts. Each post provides an insightful takeaway for other technical writers.

CO2 Pad Protocol [WIP]

This is the lab protocol for the first day of the course MCDB 423. I created it in collaboration with the lab professor. I had previously noticed that students were having trouble understanding the protocol on the first day, so I made revisions to help students better understand the equipment and procedures. This protocol is currently being used by students taking the course.

CO2 Pad Visual Guide [WIP]

This is a brief visual guide for using a CO2 Pad (specialized lab equipment). I created it in collaboration with the professor of the lab course MCDB 423. Previously, there were no images accompanying this lab protocol, making it hard for new students to understand what the protocol was asking. Also, some students were forgetting important steps in the protocol as the semester went on. I created this visual guide to both help students better visualize what's going on, and also to provide a...

Google Docs
Pathfinder Character Creation Guide [WIP]

An in-depth guide to creating a character for the Pathfinder tabletop role-playing game. This character creation system is very complex and difficult for new players to learn. I've reorganized and rewritten the rules to more accurately reflect how experienced players go about character creation.

U of M Microwave Map [WIP]

I created this reference document to help students find microwaves in buildings across campus. Previously, there was very little information about microwaves on campus - most of these locations were found by firsthand exploration.