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I’ve always been a writer. From keeping a journal as a kid to working my way through college, my aim was to make a living doing what I was most passionate about. Fortunately, it’s worked out.

Telling the stories of what makes businesses and their customers successful is what I continue to do best—in a creative and captivating manner, and in all ways digital, social, mobile and print.

And these days, I have as much fun and passion in doing it as ever.


Thought Leadership

ClearObject, Inc.

A playbook on the principles of Machine Learning, developed and edited with ClearObject’s Chief Data Scientist.

ClearObject, Inc.

From ClearObject’s Thought Leadership library. I ghost wrote this paper for the senior Product Manager for IoT and Data Analytics solutions.

ClearObject, Inc.

As the title says, a checklist of items to justify the business case for developing a new digital product.

Proposals & Product Positioning

American Structurepoint, Inc.

City of Charlotte, NC, civil and site engineering services

Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
Product positioning

Messaging guidelines for Interactive’s product suite

American Structurepoint, Inc.

Winning proposal, $39M Ivy Tech campus capital improvements, architecture and engineering

All Things Social, Electronic, and on the Web

ClearObject, Inc.
Website & Blogs Blogger and content manager and writer for Services, Customer, and Resources pages.

Beam, Longest and Neff (BLN), LLC
Social media

LinkedIn: editorial calendar, summaries of highlighted projects, content adjustments based on analytics.

Thought Leader blog @

Regular blog contributor and ghost writer for other bloggers. Virtually any topic, any industry, and any blogging schedule..

Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
Email blast

One of literally hundreds of blasts I’ve written to promote whitepapers, webinars, tradeshows, sales and promotional events, etc., etc.

Interactive Intelligence, Inc.

The campaigns: North America webinar series and regional sales events. The promo deliverable: this eBook, distributed upon event registration.

Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
eBook | Practical Guide

A detailed Practical Guide in eBook form for busy decision makers. That’s why all the key details are in a “quick read” format.

Interactive Intelligence, Inc.

For a new workforce management product launch. I wrote the content in conjunction with the product manager and solutions marketing manager.

American Structurepoint, Inc.
Website Content creator and editor for company profile, Services pages and profiled projects.

Beam, Longest and Neff (BLN), LLC
Website Content creator and editor for Services pages and profiled projects for all BLN divisions.

The Executive Level

Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
Practical Guide

Topics: technology and business processes. Editorial calendar: eight guides per year. Most downloaded assets on Interactive’s website. Author + editor for other contributing writers.

Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
Industry research study

Annual study conducted by research firm Actionable Research, Inc. and coordinated across Interactive’s global markets. Results were measured year over year.

Interactive Intelligence, Inc.

Among a library of 100+ whitepapers, I authored many and was editor for all papers. For those created with industry analysts and subject matter experts, I was editorial coordinator.

Marketing Collateral

Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
Product brochure

Solutions for the Insurance Industry, 4-page brochure

Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
Customer case study

The success story of B&H Foto & Electronics Corporation (“Foto” is not a typo, BTW)

Articles and Media

Customer Magazine
Short-form article (column)

One in a series of monthly columns. I was both the author and editorial calendar coordinator.

CRM Media |
Long-form article

In this case, an in-depth article written for and published by an online channel marketing partner.

Beam, Longest and Neff (BLN), LLC
Press release

Nashville, Indiana – After three years of planning, coordinating agencies, securing funding, and…

Interactive Intelligence, Inc.

Newsletter used for external promotions in Interactive's domestic and global markets. Note the column setup allowing global offices to add their own articles of interest.

Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
Book | ghost writer

Succeeding at Customer Engagement: 7 Game Changers and Stories from the Companies Who Use Them; written for Interactive’s VP of Client Success. (Sorry, no PDF available, only print.)

Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
Product packaging

For delivery of Interactive’s software CDs. Packaging for 30 different products, content for each one had to make it past the corporate attorneys for accuracy and trademark info.

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