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Trisha Kostis

Freelance Writer

Location icon United States

Trisha's work has appeared in such literary magazines and journals as Points In Case, Into The Void, and Anti Heroin Chic. Her new flash fiction piece "The Anniversary" will be published in an upcoming issue of the Sunlight Press. Her most recent essay "The Gospel of Pork Roll" will be published in the premiere issue of the New Jersey Anthology.

Edgy humor writing is Trisha's first love but she is equally drawn to evocative flash fiction and personal essay. Commentary on current events, with a particular hyper-local focus on Seattle, is something she automatically weaves into her work.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Trisha moved to Seattle a few months after her appendix ruptured and landed her in a hospital for two weeks during the Christmas holidays. After that tiny fetid organ put life into perspective, she strapped her ten-year-old son and his toddler-sized fuzzy teenage mutant ninja turtle chair into the backseat of her Ford Escort and headed west.

Trisha has worked as a professional Chef for over 25 years. Much of her writing is informed by the culture of "kitchen life", especially for women. The last several years have been devoted to amassing enough material for a collection of essays.

Freud in the Kitchen

by Trisha Kostis Trisha's essay appears in episode 16 of The Dirty Spoon Radio Hour.

Pretty Owl Poetry

Flash Fiction