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Timothy M. Cornish (Tim)

Marketing | Marketing Communications | Industrial Storytelling

Location icon United States

Content creator with more than twenty years of B2B experience in Marketing/Marketing Communications, Product Management, and Direct Business Development Support. Focus on technological, engineering, and industrial markets for leaders in their respective space.

Experience includes:
• Content development, management over several mediums
• External press releases
• Technical writing/ghost writing
• Website creation and management
• Internal communications
• Product management/marketing
• Co-owner of Healthcare Provider


Brochures, Project Case Studies, and Other Collateral

White Paper | Freelance Work
Packaging Automation System - Agricultural Technology

This white paper was developed for a freelance client in the agriculture industry. This was is used as part of an online campaign as well as a commercial document for business development as part of a formal product launch. Provided ideation, format, layout, and all writing duties in a freelance capacity.

Product Sheet | Digital
ESP System Retrofits and Upgrades

As part of the rebranding process, this double-sided product sheet incorporated a new format using segment icons and color schemes to distinguish product lines. It was also re-written in third person, more concise language, and section order to improve clarity. It features a simple, sensible sectioning of information by breaking up sections through a combination of photos and graphic elements.

Product Sheet | Digital
DGI™ Dissolved Gas Infusion Technology

This two-sided product sheet was developed to introduce a new technology area outside of the core business to introduce the product line. The piece not only was the first collateral developed for this product line, but also part of a larger rebranding for all the product lines to update the aesthetics as well provide a much cleaner and flexible presentation of the content and imagery. It also introduced icons and color schemes to differentiate but draw coherence to the distinct core offering...

HPD® Evaporation and Crystallization

General capabilities brochure with an overview of technologies, markets served, and overall capabilities. Layout and emphasis focused on expertise in all markets for this specific technology and overall project capabilities that is unique among all major competitors.

Total Water Management

Brochure outlining total capabilities integrating new areas of expertise. Contains new messaging and pillar concept of message mapping as foundation for collateral rolled out to marketing and sales.

Print Collateral | Digital
Case Study | Oil & Gas Industry | Industrial Water Treatment

Profile and overview of Canadian Oil & Gas project for large-scale water treatment facility. Focus was on large-scale, highly integrated facility with innovative technologies that performed as designed against abnormal operating conditions.

Print Collateral | Digital
Case Study | Metal Finishing Industry

Case Study highlighting a solution of both technology and process engineering in the metal finishing industry. The case study describes the technology, its benefits to the client, and the success of the implementation. This served as a proof point as a solution to issues experienced in this industry.

Print Collateral | Digital
Product Data Sheet | Industrial Water Technology

Data sheet, specification, and performance parameter on a new product enhancement for industrial water treatment technology. A supplement to support other over-arching pieces.

Print Collateral | Digital
Case Study | Chemical Industry

This piece focused on showcasing expertise in plant expansion capabilities towards this market segment. The case study highlights a repeat customer, spanning over forty years to provide proof points about this capability. A direct quote from the company CEO is part of these proof points.

Print Collateral | Digital
Nalco Water Water System Managed Operations

Insert to describe Water Treatment Technologies overview as part of overall capabilities. Value proposition and integration into larger customer-facing offering.

Industry Focus | Industrial Water Treatment

Brochure focused on comprehensive capabilities in a strategic market. Layout included design strategy to highlight capabilities, specific experience, and technical capabilities to show range. Original cover art concept.

Print Collateral | Digital
Product Datasheet | Industrial Water Treatment

Technology datasheet describing industry problem, solution, performance, and process flow diagram with the plant. Solution for the global pulp & paper industry.

Website Management / Creation

Website B2B
HPD® Evaporation and Crystallization Technologies | Veolia

Website created to show technology offering by industry, service offering, and overall project capabilities. This site was used as an example by other groups in the global organization to migrate similar sites to technology brands from regional sites as worldwide sites were consolidated. Webmaster from 2006-16.

Video Production

Press Releases

Digital Publication | Industry Trade
Press Release | Project Award - Oil & Gas Industry

Announcement of project award for a key client and market segment in the Middle Eastern Oil & Gas Industry. Highlights technology, process, and sustainability.

Digital Publication | Industry Trade
Press Release | Project Award - Oil & Gas Industry

Announcement of major project in the oil & gas industry for a refinery in an effort to rebuild Iraqi infrastructure. Technology and project execution capabilities highlighted to sway decision to award the project by the Government of Irag and an industry consortium.

Advertising Copy

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