Jo Martin

Content Writer

United Kingdom

Hi! I’m Jo - an experienced, UK-based content writer specialising in creating blogs, social media posts and emails for mums in business.

I don't want to show my age, but I launched my writing career in the same year Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone!

During that time, I’ve written and edited all sorts of content - from interviews with key stakeholders in the health and safety industry, to product descriptions for an adult toy website, and everything in between.

As a parent, I know that some jobs always fall down the list of priorities because the kids come first. If refreshing your social media content or writing a regular blog have fallen down your to-do list - I can help.

My freelance writing business, the Grammar Mamma, is all about helping fellow mums in business with their content writing needs. I've also worked with some big-name brands in the parenting sector - creating product descriptions, social media content and blog posts.

Take a look below at some of the pieces I'm most proud to have created, and get in touch if you'd like me to write for you. It could be added to this collection in the very near future!

Kind Word
9 Reasons to Have Kind Word Review and Edit Your Content - Kind Word

Why would you hire someone to review and edit your copy for you? You can do that stuff yourself, right? Whether you're a professional writer or complete novice, good writing doesn't always come easy. You can spend hours and hours writing and rewriting, but sometimes it feels like you just can't get it the way [...]

The Southeastern Standard
The Southeastern Standard Dec23

I conducted interviews and wrote the content for the entire 12-page internal publication for colleagues of Southeastern Railway.

The Southeastern Standard
The Southeastern Standard Sep23

I conducted interviews and wrote the content for the entire 12-page internal publication for colleagues of Southeastern Railway.

Why I’m upgrading to a better office chair

As a freelance writer, I spend a lot of time working at home on my laptop. But because I don’t have the luxury of my own office, I tend to flit between the kitchen table and bedroom to try and find a comfortable position. That's why I decided it was time to invest in a proper office chair.

Maverick Event Show Crew
Working Mums in the Event Industry - Maverick Event Show Crew

5 things I've learnt from being a working mum in the events industry Being a working mum is tough, no matter what industry you work in. But, unlike most jobs, working in the events industry often means travelling away from home a lot of the time.

LinkedIn bio

I revamped Jill's LinkedIn bio to showcase her awesome personality and her fab expertise in the events industry.

Family Lowdown
Kitchen and Bathroom Organising Hacks | Family Lowdown

If you've got a little spring cleaning bug or you're just fed up of the general mess that your family creates we're here to help. Getting your house in order with our kitchen and bathroom hacks Are you trying to get your house in order?

Reaching My Best
Helping you reach your goals in 2023 - Reaching My Best

"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin." Tony Robbins Have you made any new year's resolutions? More to the point, have you broken them yet? New year's resolutions have come in for some criticism in recent years. They tend to be thought of as unrealistic goals that you fail by the third [...]

How are you feeling about giving birth?

It’s totally normal to feel nervous and even a bit scared, especially if this is your first pregnancy. You simply don’t know what to expect.

Family Lowdown
90s Boxing Day Buffet | Family Lowdown

Once the big day is over, there's no need to feel glum. The pressure's off in the kitchen and it can be a time to let your hair down and relax. Nostalgic Buffet Food from the 1990's Boxing Day should be a time for relaxing a little, where you don't need to stress about how many pigs in blankets to cook and what veg everyone likes.

Family Lowdown
10 Christmas Day Parlour Games | Family Lowdown

Christmas is the perfect occasion for a games marathon. It's fun, you get to spend quality time together, and the whole family can get involved. Christmas family games If you don't fancy sitting around the table playing a board game or card game like these, there are plenty of other fun games that all the family will love.

Family Lowdown
Christmas Eve Boxes on a Budget | Family Lowdown

Want to put together a Christmas Eve box but have no clue what to put in it, we have the lowdown on some great budget gift box ideas. Christmas Eve Boxes What family traditions do you have at Christmas time? One tradition that has become very popular in recent years is the Christmas Eve box.

Family Lowdown
101 Baby Girl Names | Old Fashioned Girls Names

Old-fashioned names are making a comeback - think the royal family, your grandparents' names and even the bible. We've got 101 gorgeous girls' names that are back in fashion. Choosing Baby Girl Names Choosing a name for your baby is a big decision.

Family Lowdown
How to Spend and Save | Earn Cash Back When You Shop | Family Lowdown

With the cost-of-living crisis impacting many people's lives across the country right now, it's more important than ever to save money where you can. But did you know, it's possible to spend and save at the same time? Earn while you shop There's no such thing as free money, right?

15 books for children with strong female characters

There was a time when female protagonists were rare in fiction books. Women and girls in children’s storybooks were historically portrayed as damsels in distress or a sidekick hidden in the shadows of their male counterpart, giving the sense that females were secondary to males.

Family Lowdown
How to Remember Lost Loved Ones | Remembering at Christmas | Family Lowdown

Christmas is a time for coming together and celebrating with family. But for those who have lost a loved one, the festive season can be a difficult time. Remembering those we have lost at Christmas Whether you lost a loved one many years ago or are experiencing your first Christmas without a cherished family member, this time of year is always tough.

Family Lowdown
Gifts for Parents | Presents for Tricky Parents | Family Lowdown

Parents can be notoriously hard to buy for, especially when they say they don't want anything. Here's a few ideas for gifts for your parents this year. Gifts for parents can be hard to find Christmas is the perfect time to thank your parents for the help they've given you over the year - whether it be financial support, looking after your kids, or just some DIY help around the house.

Family Lowdown
Low Cost Advent Calendars | DIY Advent Calendar | Family Lowdown

Advent calendars don't only have to be boring and samey. Have some fun and create your own with our alternative low cost DIY advent calendar ideas. Not Just Chocolate Advent Calendars Gone are the days when you could only buy a chocolate advent calendar for the Christmas countdown.

Family Lowdown
Hot Food Flasks | Hot Lunch Recipes | Family Lowdown

Hot food flasks have become very popular for packed lunches, especially during the colder months. We've got 10 ideas for hot lunches plus the 5 best hot food flasks. Warm lunches for winter days Now that summer has definitely bid farewell and the days are colder and shorter, it's nice to have a warm lunch to fill you up.

Family Lowdown
Easy Tree Decorations | Salt Dough Tree Decorations

As we all look to make cutbacks this festive season in light of the cost-of-living crisis, there's a cheap and simple way to make tree decorations that also work as gifts. Cheap and Easy Christmas Tree Decorations You don't need to spend loads on excessive Christmas decorations this year.

Enhancing wellbeing in the workplace

Wellbeing is good for business. And that's just one of the many reasons the wellbeing of employees in the workplace should be high on every company's agenda.

Family Lowdown
Non-alcoholic Christmas Drinks | Family Lowdown

Not everyone drinks at Christmas so here is the lowdown on some deliciously festive non-alcoholic drinks that will knock your socks off. Indulgent Drinks for Christmas Christmas is all about indulgence. And for some that means getting tipsy on sherry and Baileys, then falling asleep in front of the telly.

Family Lowdown
20 Essential Family Games | Family Lowdown

The festive season is a chance to spend some quality time together as a family. The kids have finished school for the year, and you hopefully have some time off work, so it's the perfect opportunity to play some games.

Family Lowdown
How to tell them Santa isn't Real | Family Lowdown

Are you petrified your children are going to work out the truth this year? Find out how to make this easier and keep the magic of Christmas alive! Keeping the Magic of Santa It's every parent's fear at this time of year.

Family Lowdown
Cheap Stocking Ideas | 101 Stocking Fillers Under £10 | Family Lowdown

Christmas stockings have been a festive tradition around the world for centuries. They're pictured on millions of Christmas cards each year and are often featured in any film or advert depicting Christmas. Stocking Fillers - Traditional Gifts Every family has their own traditions when it comes to Christmas stockings, too.

The Grammar Mamma
How to deal with a toddler meltdown

Meltdowns. Sometimes you can see them coming, other times they come from nowhere. Sometimes they're easily resolved, and sometimes they're so crazy-ridiculous you can't help but laugh at how exasperating your toddler is. The meltdown that sticks in my head and continues to baffle me even now, happened when my daughter was 3 years old.

The Grammar Mamma
5 ways to avoid feeling lonely as a new mum

The initial whirlwind has eased, your partner may have gone back to work, and now it's just you and baby. But despite having an adorable bundle of joy to keep you company 24/7 (literally) maternity leave can leave you feeling lonelier than ever. As Alanis Morrisette sang...isn't it ironic, don't you think?

First Central Careers
7 ways to reduce stress at work

Stress. We've probably all encountered it at some point in our lives. And it's highly likely it has been caused by work. Take a look at our top tips on how to manage your stress levels at work and keep your mental health in good shape.

Safety Management magazine
Changing attitudes towards the change of life

With many women reporting that the menopause had a negative impact on their work, we take a look at why employers need to offer more support to employees who are menopausal and stop it from being such a taboo subject.