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Writer working in content creation and marketing with a love of honest storytelling, sharing, and interaction.
Passionate about using words, design, and technology to connect people and build vibrant communities.



Butterfleye Medium
Building Butterfleye: A Behind The Scenes Look At Our Production Process

Building a camera as meticulously designed as Butterfleye requires a team of diverse knowledge and talent. Everyone on our team has their own unique and imperative skills - without just any given member of our team, we would never have been able to bring Butterfleye to fruition.

Meed Medium
How To: Make The Most Of Meed

Welcome to Meed! We're guessing you signed up for one or more of the following reasons: You're super career oriented and ready to find your dream job (you are such a Miranda Hobbes!) You spent your entire winter break fielding questions like, "What are you doing with your life," "Why did you major in that," and "How are you planning to pay off your student loans?"

Butterfleye Medium
Meet The Team: Doug Schaller, Design Director

Doug Schaller is certainly not your average industrial designer. Born in Chicago but raised in San Jose, Doug didn't always have the luxury of just creating and designing. While he has been designing things in CAD since he was 12 years old and touts music as his first "career" (in quotations because he didn't make any money, he explained) his first job was in demolition.

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