Teri J Dwyer

Dynamic, High-Energy, Fearless, Professional Freelance Writer

United States

I specialize in discovering, pitching & writing magazine feature & web-based articles. My interests include: travel, food (gluten-free & vegan specialty), chocolate, wine, tea & nutrition; health & wellness + sports (running, track & field, cross country & bicycling, golf, general fitness)

I have written about: Olympians, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, baby boomers, millennials & charities, to name a few. No topic intimidates me. No subject is so banal that I cannot find a unique angle and/or previously unexplored story twist.

I love doing in-depth interviews with people to ask not only the obvious, but also oblique questions. Through interviews, and simply asking the right questions, I've discovered: an elite female distance runner who doesn't like to run, a cab driver who is a professional photographer and an Olympic shot putter who became an NFL Team Chaplain.

Throughout my writing career I have especially enjoyed doing historical research on many different topics. I once spent WEEKS deep in the bowels of the archives of a University newspaper and a state historical society simply to research details about a long-time local cross country running race.

I do my best work when I delve deeply into topics I find interesting. Luckily for me, I find most people are truly interesting, when you ask the right questions.


Health & FItness

TJ's Turf
Is Walking the new Running?

Ever since I adopted the world's cutest Labradinger (that's a Labrador/English Springer Spaniel mix for the uninitiated) I've found myself doing longer walks and shorter runs.

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A Runner's Hoop Dreams

I have a confession to make. I couldn't hula hoop as a child. I don't think I could keep a child-sized hoop aloft for even one revolution. I always thought it had something to do with the fact that I was built much like a pogo stick (another nemesis from my childhood).


TJ's Turf
Daws, Hoag Connected to Event, Each Other

On Sunday, March 11, 1973 the St. Patrick's Committee in St. Paul organized the first-ever St. Patrick's Day Mini Marathon (4.8 miles) This race was destined to evolve into the present-day Human Race run and walk. There were 45 runners that first year, only four of the participants were women.

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Life's Journey has held many Twists and Turns for this Hero

Many people spend years, decades, even their entire lives searching for that special something that will make them complete. Leslie Seymour's trip so far has been filled with adventure, intrigue and a bit of misfortune. But she hasn't yet allowed life to get in her way.

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Was It Really A Choice? Hero Stands Tall

We all make choices in our life: choices about how to spend out time, who to spend it with, and what activities and events are worthwhile to us. But what about those times when something chooses us, rather than the other way around?

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Onward Cindy!

When people are asked to describe Cindy Brochman there are invariably a number of responses: a laugh, a quizzical 'Hmm.... how do you describe Cindy?' Then, inevitably, people will begin to share their memories of Brochman.Often the stories are about the experience of knowing Brochman - laughing with her at a road race start line or seeing her cheering somewhere along the course - rather than stories of Brochman's many athletic achievements.

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Coolest running-related statue ever

This past March I took a 'spring training' and work-related trip to Savannah, GA, one of my favorite travel destinations. In my 10 days there I had a couple of great long runs along the ocean at Tybee Island, ran a fun 5K in historic downtown Savannah ( March of Dimes Shamrock Run) and I also tracked down a small lake (Lake Mayer) right in Savannah with a great pedestrian path all around it.

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Some Stories are Hard to Write

As I write this it's been almost two months since one of my editors died. I had worked with Greg Marr, editor of Silent Sports, regularly for the past two years. Marr was only 52 years old when, seven minutes into a cross-country ski, he died of a heart attack.


Food - Chocolate, Wine

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