Susha Roberts

Marketing & Communications Leader

United States

Leading and mentoring teams in copywriting, editing, ghostwriting, graphic design, video, digital, content management and marketing. Experience includes B2B, B2C, thought leadership, lead gen, demand gen, email, and print and digital publications.

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Instead of Fear: What God Gives You When You Let Go of Fear

Over and over in Scripture, God says "don't be afraid." But He's not being trite, saying "just stop being afraid" and leaving you to figure out how or why. Each time, He offers something empowering. Discover what God wants to give you in exchange for your fear to help you move forward through difficulties, overcome despair and step into His plans with confidence.

Wycliffe Bible Translators
The Book of Joy - Wycliffe Bible Translators

Deep in the heart of one of the world's largest refugee settlements is an unexpected outbreak of joy. If you travel for just over an hour east of Koboko, Uganda on rain-rutted red dirt roads, you'll find yourself in picturesque countryside. Just off the busy road are shops as well as schools and churches.

Realtor Magazine
Broker Tools: Connect With Tech-Savvy Sellers

If you think most millennials are still renting or living with their parents, think again. According to Onboard Informatics, a property data aggregator, more than 50 percent of the 80 million millennials in the U.S. are now homeowners.

Chris Rediger | Realtor Magazine

I served as ghostwriter for all Realtor Magazine articles by Chris Rediger, president and co-founder of Redefy Real Estate.

Chris Rediger, Author at Inman

Ghostwriter for all articles by Chris Rediger, President and CTO of Redefy Real Estate. As a regular contributor, articles were both assigned and pitched. Inman News is the leading industry publication for real estate. Several articles were extremely popular, with over 20,000 shares.

Linkedin Pulse
Real estate's roadmap to better customer experience

Ghostwriter for Jordan Connett, CEO, Redefy Real Estate. Apple, Zipcar and Amazon’s customer-centric models have showed us what’s possible for total customer experience that creates loyalty. This is the experience real estate promises, but struggles to deliver.