Sophie Atkinson


United Kingdom

Senior editor at the Manchester Mill, the Liverpool Post and the Sheffield Tribune. Writing on culture, cities and tech; translating German texts into English. Former editor at Oak - The Nordic Journal, former startup editor at Exberliner. Say hello: [email protected]

My Manchester Mill work:

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They Don't Make Heterosexuals Like Pamela Des Barres Anymore

Do women who like men have fun anymore? The married ones who write essays about their marriages don't seem to be, and the single ones are famously pessimistic about their heterosexuality. Trad girls certainly claim to adore their men, but it's hard to have too much fun in a full-length prairie dress.

Andy Warhol's Secrets for Surviving Isolation

I get sick a lot in the winter, so I spent this past January as I've spent many Januaries before it - in bed with a standard-issue flu. As the fever built, my mind hopscotched from one anxiety to the next.

Astra Magazine
I'm Certain About "The Man Without Qualities" | Sophie Atkinson

I hear about The Man Without Qualities from Vanya, because of course I do. There are those who write novels and those who write about novels, but only Vanya is life and death about literature without professionalizing. When I meet him, he's nine months into his new life, emaciated with focus.

Women Between the Wars | Hazlitt

If you consumeJean Rhys's first four novels one after another, the books begin to bleed into each other. You may try to be logical, making a note of names and ages.

Sophie Atkinson, Untangle Yourself - Sidecar

Aged sixteen, I read Gwendoline Riley's Cold Water for the first time, inhaling it over the course of two days, and then read Sick Notes and then Cold Water again. Her first two novels detailed a world I knew well as a teenager: afternoons in Manchester's Central Library; nights at the Star and Garter; short-lived flings.

How to Find Your Happily-Ever-After City

Have you considered dating the place first? The United States is "one of the most mobile countries in the world," according to a 2013 Gallup survey in which nearly 1 in 4 adults reported that they had moved within a five-year window.

The Hairpin
Advice For Young Ladies Eager For A Good Time

Any number of elements are conspiring to reissue Eve Babitz's 1979 novel, Sex and Rage, as a beach read. There was that July drop, the yolky gold of the cover. Even the package it came in had a note from the publishers billing it as a "Hot summer read!"