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Sonja Morgenstern


Location icon Germany

I am based in the UK and Germany and write honestly about real life, women, politics, parenting, friendships and more.
I write articles, scripts, poetry and memoir based pieces.

What is a Kur? Do I need one, and how do I get it

It's just after Christmas, but despite the nation-wide lockdown in Germany I am finding myself in a tightly spaced group of women, swinging our Nordic walking sticks through some magically snow-dusted woods near Teutoburger forest.

TGIUK | Helping people who migrate to the UK
A Girl Like Me

Story-Telling Competition 2020 A Girl like Me by Sonja "There's not much room to dance". I had to ask the tall, skinny blonde lad next to me to repeat himself three times; the pumping reggae music was drowning out his voice, and I was unfamiliar with his cockney accent. "Yes, right..." I replied, or something like that. He caught on that I was foreign, and I told him I was on holiday in England for the first time from Germany, and had read about the Notting Hill Carnival in a...

Playmobil COVID-19 facemasks

An Independent product review. As a lifelong fan of Playmobil ever since my grandma brought my sister and me to the zoo for Christmas in 1986, I was curious to see that my favourite toy brand now also offers Covid-19 face masks.

Take a Break Fate & Fortune
My Granddad Saved My Life

Love lives on, and your departed loved ones can save lives even from the afterlife.

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