Sophie Morlin-Yron

Freelance writer

Bilingual Swedish-English freelance writer based in Stockholm and London. Bylines for CNN International, CNN Africa, the Ecologist, the Observer, the Guardian and Truthout. Writes mostly features around innovation, tech, sustainability and travel. Email: s.morlinyron(at)

United Kingdom


CNN Travel

Klingon tourist center opens in Sweden

They're a ruthless species of extraterrestrial warriors from the Omega Leonis Star System eager to build bridges with humans and attract them to their planet. So where on Earth...


Africa's 'resilient cities' plan for the future

The effects of climate change may not be apparent in some parts of the world just yet. But in Dakar, the battle against nature has already begun, with coastal erosion wreaking...

The Memo

Next-gen contraceptives are coming

The Pill has been deemed one of the greatest liberators of modern times. Women pop one a day and gone are the woes of unwanted pregnancy. Now, it’s about to get competition....


Students swim with sharks, explore space, through VR

Imagine instead of viewing a shark-infested shipwreck or a space station in photos, technology meant you actually swam and floated right through them. Now, students are immersed...

The Memo

Lab grown? These burgers, chicken & sushi aren't from farm or sea

Step aside, dry bean patties and stale veggie sushi. Today we’re more ethically, environmentally and health conscious than ever before, so it should come as no surprise that...


The plane that emits only water

The dream of sustainable air travel is now one step closer to reality, after a team of researchers in Germany flew a plane that emits nothing but water vapor into the...

The Memo

Nemo's Garden: the scuba divers farming crops underwater

Submarine greenhouses are making waves in Italy. Is this the future of farming? Underwater farming could soon come to a beach near you, thanks to a team of Italian scuba divers...

The Memo

How 3D printing is changing design and architecture

Bye bye, hard labour and endless building works. Hello, tireless printing-bots and quirky designs. Houses and other structures made by one-armed robots spewing out endless...

The Memo

This startup can make wine without grapes

Not a grape in sight, this winery swaps vines for petri dishes.


Where the Mexico City Policy matters the most

At 22, Mudua Scovia is already a widower. She has five children and works as a farmer in Budadiri, Uganda, east Africa. "I want to look after my children," Mudua says. "But I am...


Dubai to launch driverless flying taxi service

Dubai has announced yet another pioneering initiative, but this time it's not the world's first rotating skyscraper or 3D printed office. It's a fleet of flying taxis. Small...


Why Leonardo DiCaprio is backing man-made diamonds

There may be a new gem among Silicon Valley's glittering startup scene. A Santa Clara-based company is creating jewelry-grade diamonds in a lab, using a plasma reactor that...


World's largest air purifier takes on China's smog

When artist Daan Roosegaarde visited Beijing in 2014, he was inspired by what he didn't see. From his hotel room on the 32nd floor, his view of the sprawling Chinese capital was...


Why do Western maps shrink Africa?

On a typical world map, Canada is a vast nation. Home to six time zones, its endless plains spread from ocean to ocean, dominating great swathes of the northern half of the...

The Guardian

Intelligent biocides and ‘air lubrication’: biomimicry in the shipping industry

From a whale shark keeping unwanted freeloaders off its skin to water droplets rolling off a duck’s feathers, nature has many ingenious ways of keeping surfaces clean. The...


30 great British designs

British designers have built a reputation for innovation, imagination and style. From stunning skyscrapers to flamboyant fashion, perfectly formed household products to...


The farm that runs without sun, soil or water

What do you get if you cross a tech entrepreneur with a farmer? The world's largest, and possibly most sophisticated indoor farm -- where greens grow without sun, soil or...

CNN Travel

Walk on water at Italy's Lake Iseo

The Floating Piers, an artwork which moves with the waves, stretches across the lake linking two islands to the mainland -- transforming the otherwise tranquil island of Monte...

CNN Style

How Africa's rare gems made their way to the red carpet

Traders on the ancient Silk Road believed the ruby to have occult powers and carried the fiery red stones for protection. Mined in Myanmar as early as 600 AD, the stones...

CNN Style

Parasite properties are taking over Paris

The 19th-century cityscape of Paris is about to change. Wedged in between brick buildings and jutting out from rooftops will be a series of modern "parasite properties". Glass,...